Weird, why was Campbell's Soup vice president Kelly Johnston tweeting racist #MigrantCaravan lies?


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Haven’t eaten Campbell soup for decades and won’t bother ever again. #Christwhatanasshole


Cause Hair Fuhrer has made it okay to be a racist asshole in public again.



The last thing Campbell’s Soup needs is more people in the USA not eating canned soup. Obviously he would want the caravan stopped.


I’m not George Soros… but is there anyway someone who wanted donate money to help these people get here, could do such a thing? I’m all for helping people out, especially if it will piss off a few racist assholes along the way.


Caused by?

I’m always annoyed that we talk about migrants and Latin America with context of American machinations and cause and effect completely stripped from the discussion.


Now that’s what I call a Soup Nazi!


He lists crisis communications as one of his skills. That might come in handy.


And now Hair Furor is threatening to withdraw economic aid and development money (which is down significantly already under the orange tinted sxithole ‘president’) from these same countries… hello? this will increase the flow of…

oh okay now I get it, just another cynical ahole ploy to gin up more angry dipstick R vote


Well that’s it. No more Tim Tams or tinned soups for me until I hear Kelly Johnston’s been canned.


Hm. Too late for me to boycott them for this. They’re winding up their last Canadian soup plant at the end of the year, and I’m already boycotting them.


This is bonkers.



What a sorry excuse for a human and while all canned soup sucks campbell’s just made the bottom


The thing is, if there were a conspiracy, who would benefit more from the conspiracy: the left, who get from it that they’re driving a caravan of people to the Mexican border just in time for the election, or the right, who get from it a group of people who are doing exactly what Donald Trump says they’ve been doing, just in time for the election?

The conspiracy theory that George Soros is paying them to go to the US makes no sense. If it were Donald Trump, though, that makes far more sense.


I would guess 99.999% of all Americans have ZERO idea about what you are referring to. Me, I took Latin American political science courses from the woman who introduced the two journalists who ended up breaking Iran-Contra, but yeah, most Americans would have a difficult time naming a country in Central America. I doubt most Americans could even point out Central America on a map.

The above is certainly a problem, but it’s one of ignorance, which is probably a more challenging problem to solve, than maliciousness. I keep telling people we live in one of the most brainwashed societies in the history of the world… and wouldn’t you know it, I get a lot of blank stares or at most quizzical looks in response.


QOTD! Bam!


It’s stuffed full of sugar, anyway. And soup is the easiest thing in the world to make.