Campbell Soup Co. fires exec who tweeted racist Soros #MigrantCaravan conspiracy


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I see what you did there.


Mmmmm…Cream of Racist Tears Soup.



A soupcon of justice, if you will.


If he worked for Domino Sugar, he would be caned.


Reminder: All those first amendment rights count for nothing in the public sector.


"Mr. Johnston and the company discussed in August that he would transition out of his role with his departure scheduled for early November,” the spokesperson said. “Johnston wants to devote more time to his family, as well as to his hobby of concocting and spreading wild racist conspiracy theories.”


No soup for you!


No worries. That’s coming for us soon as well. Like a rushing freight train full of political detainees and other undesirables.

Yep. If only we were all so lucky. I don’t even have a golden pogo stick. When the shit finally drops and everything goes sideways for us common people, me and mine are going to be hosed.



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