Why Werner Herzog hates chickens




I agree with his assessment; once I started keeping chickens, I was surprised by how absolutely dumb they are. I still find them entertaining and interesting though.


He discusses this exact subject at greater length in the director's commentary on Even Dwarfs Started Small, which features a cannibal chicken.


This should be a superbowl spot for KFC.


Luckily, they score high on the yum-yum meter. Otherwise we would have made them extinct by now.


Replace "chickens" with "Republicans" and I'll be in full agreement.


Iggy Pop agrees with him about hypnosis of chickens:


About 25 years ago, I used to know a guy who went on like this about cows.


I fucking love watching grackles. They're nuts.


I had to look that up and it turns out we don't have those on the west coast. I guess our equivalent must be a crow, and while they are definitely not dumb like chickens, they are also a little nuts.


Yeah, I've kind of gotten over that now. You have to understand, though, that at the time I'd just been out late one night with some friends, we were bored, and one of them suggested we go check out this barn that was supposedly haunted. We were looking around inside it, as best we could in the dark without flashlights, and suddenly there was this weird noise that scared the shit out of us.

Then we realized it was a cow drinking at a water trough right outside, which actually was worse for me, because I find cows scary. Unbelievably stupid, but scary. But I don't go on about it like I did then.


But is a chicken more stupid or less stupid than a shoe?...


Thank G-d that chickens aren't native to the jungle. Herzog would have condensed into a singularity years ago:


You should be scared of cows, they kill more people than sharks.


I was rushing in here to post the same thing.


I think the anti-cow shark lobby is afoot.


Aw, c'mon. Everybody knows that goats are vastly more stupid than cows.


The singer Greg Brown considers chickens a cusp species somewhere between plant and animal. Chickens are basically a broccoli walking around with a couple of carrots and a tomato on it's head.

"They look at us like we are unimportant. They are right... we are.... but it's just hard to take it from a damn chicken."



Just because he thinks they're stupid doesn't mean he hates them or denies their usefulness, in the same way Fox News doesn't hate its viewers.