Why your local record store employee became an asshole

Also, the only evidence I can find that the term is a rape joke comes with caveats like “I’ve heard”. Know Your Meme claims it’s about spanking, which seems to make more sense. Not that spanking is OK, but it’s not anal rape. The mental image I always got was a kid who had a light slap or fell over and started rolling around on the floor for the attention. It mainly seems to be used to tell people not to take something too seriously when they think it’s trivial and the other person doesn’t. This could be the use of rape jokes, negative stereotyping of marginalised groups or some slight against white men “that would never be allowed if it were women or black people”. Obviously people with more privilege are more likely to claim that their jokes are harmless and shouldn’t be taken seriously, so the demographic you mentioned will be more likely to ignore actual offence and be ridiculously thin-skinned when they see an opportunity to react against a perceived slight.

Some examples of people labelled butthurt on BB:

Someone who objects to the depiction of a Native American in a sign, when there are other depictions of Mexicans in Mexican restaurants
Someone who objects to the use of ‘they’ to make generalised statements about white people, because all racial stereotyping is wrong.
Someone who insinuates that northern USians stereotype Southerners as racist and Northerners as not racist.
Someone who doesn’t like a tweet saying “Genie, you’re free” to Robin Williams after his death.
People who object to BB’s hypocrisy for blocking comments that are against its SJW agenda, while criticising something that the commenter thinks is comparable.(threatening protesters in a mall with arrest)
People who violently object to some slight to their overwhelmingly dominant religion.

Some of these are more valid than others (I haven’t cherry picked the ones I agree with), but they certainly aren’t all by white males or punching down. Sometimes people just need to get a sense of humour and not take themselves too seriously.