Wikileaks’ “Secret Correspondence“ with Don Trump Jr. published


Well, you’re an optimistic soul, aren’t you?


99% confident @bobtato was being sarcastic. At least I hope so.


So damn hard to tell these days…


Assange is an increasingly obvious ally of the fascists.

Pushing white genocide crap, basically. Not his only bit of far right bullshit.


He even got these two to dump him.


I thought he was a bit of a douche, but a net positive given the kind of influence he had on stuff. But now, it seems like he figures he can drop the pretense of worthiness or something…


Bombshell story? I wish.


Oh f**k, I didn’t realize it was that bad. Bleaurghh. :face_vomiting:

Thanks for pointing this out.


If it’s as described I don’t think it can be. Under Russian law I believe it would result in charges of outraging public decency, and also the women involved could block publication because of invasion of privacy.*

The Interpol arrest warrant would be amusing (both the RF and the US are members).

*yes, yes, I know this wouldn’t really be a factor.


If the allegations are true, the douche is what his lady friends have to use after spending the night. Along with the morning after pill.


Wouldn’t working girls consider it to be a marketing opportunity?


Hadn’t thought of that. Depends, I guess, on who their protectors are.


Now that’s depresssing.

It’s as if it was designed as a problem on some kind of final exam for Jesuits, like, “find the redemption angle in this tale of humanity turned to shit”. Except it’d be a trick question.


Oh Fredo. You thought that you were so smaaaart. But you broke your daddy’s heart, and now he’s going to pretend that he never met you, that you were a “low level coffee boy”. Welcome to under the bus, population, YOU.


Wow. I never saw that.


Unfuck that guy.


Campaigns are strictly forbidden from accepting things of value from foreign sources, and the law is explicitly written to make clear that doesn’t have to mean something with a dollar value.

What was “fairly standard” for campaigns prior to Trump was to run to the FBI with their hair on fire whenever mysterious dirt showed up in their inbox. The Gore campaign did it in 2000 when someone sent them Dubya’s debate briefing book, because the alternative was risking being accessory to exactly this kind of foreign meddling (for all they knew at the time).

You can argue about whether it’s a good or bad law in the abstract, or whether Don Jr. might or would or could ever see charges over this, but this is the second time he’s tweeted out prima facie evidence that he’s committed a federal crime. I’m not saying this is enough for a conviction in and of itself, but it could probably get him indicted, and it may very well do just that before all is said and done.


I only dislike linking this tweet and not the real thing because Assange never deleted it. He still has it up on his feed.


Yeah, I checked that to make sure it wasn’t an altered screencap. I thought the snarky caption on what I posted was worth preserving.


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