Wikileaks’ “Secret Correspondence“ with Don Trump Jr. published


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This goes for Jr. too.



Well, this should finally convince all those wavering Turmp supporters who were just waiting for evidence of wrongdoing.


Christ that guy looks like a douche.


So - collusion checked off.

The only thing left to be released is the pee tape.


What a family of complete and total fucking morons. Just incredible stupidity. Dope can’t even lift weights without looking like a total tool.




Julian Assange refuses to confirm the communications from the Trump campaign, because what kind of organization would Wikileaks be if they started sharing politically sensitive private communications with the public?


That’s okay, Junior is more than happy to do it for him.


I’m hoping for an amazing holiday gift toward the end of the year…


To be honest I think this is relatively good news for Trump Jr since he didn’t seem to have advance knowledge of when the email dumps were happening and he didn’t really actively cooperate with Wikileaks, for the most part he seemed to ignore them.

He did a little bit of coordinated messaging, but I think that’s probably fairly standard for campaigns.

Wikileaks on the other hand looks biased, dishonest, and fairly pathetic. But I’m not sure how this adds to the case against Trump.


I know she’s not everyone’s favorite comedian, but I chuckled when Kathy Griffin called Trump’s sons, “Date-Rape and Eddie Munster Jr.”


Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s relationship with his older children (particularly the sons) was not reputed to be close or supportive. Don Jr. did not have a good reputation as intelligent or insightful (or even curious) in college. In some ways “Diaper Don” is something of a tragic figure – a human casualty of his father’s lack of empathy.

A rumor from last November, a few days before the election:


That’s a really terrible deadlift… just all around. It’s a low amount and poor form.


It would be OK if they’d share it with the public!
Instead they shared underhand with a single party within the political structure with a goal to harm the other.

The problem is that Wikileaks has changed from ‘unbiased documenter’ to ‘active manipulativ intelligence sales’.


So, does anyone still think Wikileaks doesn’t have an agenda, or that Julian Assange isn’t a cowardly, egotistic, mendacious, sexually predatory pile of shit?


Eh? That shipped sailed a while ago around these parts.


I dunno, I only started thinking ‘fuck that guy’ once I noticed Trump’s cock in his mouth.


I never liked him. I did once think his organization did some good work in spite of him, but I think he’s long since forced out anyone who isn’t as much of a egotistical shitstain as he is.