Trump's son Don Jr. promotes false smear linking Jamal Khashoggi to Osama bin Laden and terrorism


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Will he be allowed to use Twitter from prison?


One of my worst fears* is that this piece of shit will be chosen as vice president by Pence after Don Jr. goes to prison, resigns, dies, or is reduced to a babbling ruin by a stroke.

*Worst political fears. Doesn’t hold a candle to be chased naked through the darkened halls of my elementary school by a faceless clown with a chain saw.



Just exactly how much are Ⱦrump and the Kushners into Saudi Arabia for anyway?


I wonder if this means that Barbara Walters should be abducted, tortured, murdered, then dismembered for her interview of Fidel Castro.


Now imagine that the clown has Don Jr.’s face and see if you ever sleep again . Bwahhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Seriously, there is no bigger clown than Don Jr. I’m surprised that no one has registered an egg with his face on it yet.


­ ­ Eric?


How casually he equates democracy with terror.


According to an NPR interview I heard with the guy that ghost wrote Don Sr.’s books, Eric is the only one in the whole clan with any brains at all. People underestimate him because he looks like a cross between Odo from DS9 and a potato.

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Edited again to clarify that any opinions expressed regarding Eric’s appearance are my own and should not be construed as impugning potatoes or other nightshades. Construe what you may about DS9. It gave me a rash.


Those would be the American-backed fighters, right?

Stupid son-of-a-clown can’t remember when he last changed his underwear!


Color me:

I’m so sick of that whole entire pestilence of a family.


Wait, Don Jr. has 3 milion Twitter followers??


Well, if you discount the bots, the Russian trolls and the fake accounts, he’s got, um, three?
(Alas, I wish that were true. Sure, a lot of them will be “unreal” but not enough.)


A to the fucking Men!
I don´t know about Barron (give him a few years, maybe he turns out to be the black sheep of that dreadfull kinship and actually becomes be a decent person), but the rest of that clan is just as vile, wretched and despicable as the OB.
Oh, and stupid. The whole lot of them is so incredibly stupid.


He might be the only one I’d give a pass to… maybe.


80s, 90s, bin Laden was still considered an American pawn, no?


Peter Arnett interviewed Bin Laden back in 1997. I guess he should get the same treatment too?


Yes. It stands to Trumpian reason.


Don’t give the Trumpkins ideas.