Wikileaks threatens to sue "fake news producers"


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And there goes my last bit of trust in them.


Maybe I’m just not hip enough to find Assange’s public autofellatio palatable.


If there are any apologists for Wikileaks who are still in denial that Wikileaks are partisan shills for Trump and his allies then their use of “fake news” should put that to rest.


Man, do you remember when we used to look up to this guy? When he was an intrepid champion of transparency and accountability and not a sleazy trumpster leech? Those were good times.


He says from someone else’s couch.

Oooo, pretty scary kids.


I hope he gets to visit his cat when he leaves the embassy to testify.


Moreover, it expects to create a “business model” from such lawsuits.

So basically they saw the business plan of the Westboro Baptist Church (founded by a former civil rights attorney) and thought “yeah, that’s the way to go.”

Have you seen Assange’s fanbois around here? You’re too optimistic.


For me it was less “looking up to” than “regarding with a skeptical side-eye.”



It sounds like the article struck a nerve.

And his statement sounds like an empty threat.

He threw in his lot with Putin, and now he has to live with those consequences, there’s no going back, there’s no way to erase it.


OMG, I was thinking the same thing!


Assange should have walked out of the Embassy on the day of the Trump inauguration. Now, with the law closing in on his only potential sponsor, its too late.


Christ, what an asshole.


Trump has been singularly ungrateful towards his kingmakers, other than Putin. Assange would be very unwise to rely on his “clemency”.



What happened to just owning Starbucks?


None of Trump’s actions toward others can really be ascribed to “gratitude.” All his human interactions are transactional. It’s never about what you’ve done for him in the past, it’s what you can do for him now or in the immediate future.


Years of conspiracy theories and bigotry on Twitter didn’t change your opinion?

They have always indulged in editorial biases, but that was fine because it has become the norm. But it was well before 2016 when they were tweeting about reporters with ((( ))), Assange was talking about how atheism+feminism is creating a birth rate crisis for whites and they were retweeting the very alt-right @wikileakstaskforce account.


I didn’t say the last bit was particularly big.


Oh look, he’s redirected his Twitter acount: