Will God-Man save reporter Millie Mills from Covidhead??

Nice take on an old joke. God-Man’s followers never seem to learn.


The very last panel had me laughing out loud irl.
No? No horse deworming medicine? Then how about some delicious sheep dip? On sale at the Piggly Wiggly or HomeDepot today along with a 20% off coupon at the undertakers.

So now that the vaccines are being FDA approved, what is the new reason to not do the right thing?
Besides ‘owning the libs’?


Even with people literally handing them a list of ingredients, they “don’t know what’s it in”. Also “Covid isn’t real”, “It’s only a bad flu”, “The gov’t can’t tell me what to do”, “it makes women infertile”, “vaxed people shed things”, “I’m not a sheep”.

And this gem from married in family (twice removed)

Masks don’t actually work. That’s the problem. Maybe surgical, removed properly and disposed of properly every 15-20 mins. MAYBE would help stop the spread. The stupid “panty” masks made from fabric and shoved in a purse or pocket and put back on 300 times before a wash. Ya no. That’s just a “physical” shield so that you are “following the rules” Also, I am allowed to trust my immune system and actually get germs, that would be my choice. If anyone is scared of getting said germs - that would be their responsibility to put a mask on or stay home. In my opinion - no one will change it. I have never worn a mask, nor will I started if it’s mandated again. Just saying - food for thought.


A bit on the nose for my tastes but I did enjoy that one.


It is funny because but, it’s true. :cry:




For those unfamiliar with the old joke, it’s basically this:

A man’s home starts to flood. Before the water gets too high, his neighbor offers to get him out of there in his truck. The man says that he has faith that God will save him. So the neighbor leaves. The water level gets up to his second level of his home, and another neighbor arrives on a motorboat. He offers to save the man, but the man responds, saying that he has faith that God will save him, so the other neighbor leaves. Then the water gets up to his roof, and while he’s standing on his roof, another neighbor comes by in a helicopter. He drops a ladder, but the man declines saying that he has faith that God will save him. So the third neighbor flies away. Finally, the water comes over the roof. The man is forced to swim, and soon he tires, sinks in the water and drowns. In heaven, he sees God and asks why he didn’t save him. God says “I sent you a truck, a boat, and a freaking helicopter. What more did you want?”





I like the whole “It has George Soros/Bill Gates microchips in it to track me!”
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uhhhh, hello?

must be graduates of The Dunning Kruger Academy for Really Exceptional People


Covidhead was wrong – people like millie don’t stick their nose in his business… they are too busy denying his existence.


Yes they can, they just need to use reverse psychology.


Damn that germ that causes the coronaVIRUS


The tagline of the truly stupid. This is “food for thought” in exactly the same way “Ivermectin is drug for COVID”.

I just dump them in with the JAQ-off crowd and set the “block” filters to perma-ban. The fact that they’re relatives doesn’t change the ban. My hope is it will make future Thanksgiving dinners less uncomfortable by not knowing the kinds of crap that’s dribbled from their keyboards.


Last week at work we sent a mass email about vaccine clinics. Let me provide you with some snippets of the replies to help understand the “reasoning” behind not taking the vaccine:

Covid doesn’t have to be fatal. God gave us science: HCQ, Ivermectin, Vitamins D,C, Zinc and more.
God provided real science to get us through the lies and deceitful push for the “clot shot”. The vaccines aren’t safe and neither are masks. Stop the madness, speak the truth. We can build a better future because with God ALL things are possible.

I am pro-life. I am unable to understand how it is acceptable to force, coerce and discriminate against those who are exercising their freedom of choice and informed consent to decline this vaccine.

I trust God and the fact that he gave all of us a wonderful immune system. God is bigger than this pandemic and using fetal tissue no matter how old it is is not an act of love it is complicit disregard for human life. I am writing to you as I work in healthcare and I have been working for a year and a half dealing with this and now they are willing to fire me for not getting a vaccine I don’t agree with it for moral reasons.

This is an insult to intelligent people and propagation of a lie. Those “vaccines “ are biological weapons destroying life. Do your research!!!

It is entirely possibly that all of these Covid cases and their variants are largely due to the breakthrough cases. It is possible those vaccinated do not have the natural immunity and they could be creating a more contagious and dangerous virus than ever before. People are putting something very unnatural, untested, and unsafe in their bodies.

Please do the research: these so-called vaccines are not an act of love, they are poisonous bioweapons used for depopulation by the satanist elites who want one world religion and one world government.
This bioweapon has killed and injured with far more people than the virus itself.


This is how I feel about all these people:


“Get behind me, Millie!”
Millie did not.

This line was particularly insightful


I grew up with that not as a joke (although it is funny) but as hardcore life advice.

When your house is flooding, take the truck, the boat, or the helicopter!

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It was a great movie, but… you know. It was just a movie.
The monsters were capitalism. They monsters are always capitalism.



Some meme I saw but didn’t save:
If you don’t need the vaccine because God will protect you, why do you need a gun?


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