William Shatner covers The Cramps' 'Garbageman' for new Dr. Demento punk box set


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/09/william-shatner-covers-the-cra.html


Looks really good!

For those considering the vinyl, that kind of multi color pressing often does not sound good at all though.


This is wrong. I really like The Cramps. At least he wasn’t allowed to sully the Goo Goo Muck.



Some people call me a teenage idol

They smile and say they envy me

I guess they got no way of knowin’

How lonely it can be…


I loved Dr Demento when I was younger. I’d stay up, tape the whole show, and then copy my favorite songs to a mix tape.


Uh, Bill?
I think it’s “live until you’re dead,” not “listen to your dick.”


Pretty sure William Shatner’s gropey ways are going to be catching up with him pretty soon, so I’d hold off on the praise for a bit.


Honestly, you just have to read what Shatner writes on Twitter to be convinced not to give him any further attention or money at this point.




Or maybe spend a few minutes recalling how he “found” his dead ex-wife.


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