Winona Ryder to star in new Netflix paranormal TV show

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I always thought of Montauk as the Cathulu mythos of our time. With, several writers planting evidence to allow the reader to research fantastical tales, no admission of fact or fiction, and combining various out there tales of high strangeness to create an almost believable and cohesive narrative about a world quite like our own.

Hot diggity! I love me some X-Files!

My brothers & I used to sneak out onto the beach and sleep overnight with a few cases of swill at Montauk. If you knew where the dirt road was - and had 4wd - you could wake up by the water surrounded by deer - most definitely not allowed. I doubt this is even possible any longer.

Sometimes - older brothers were cool.

Apparetly the big thing in the 60’s and 70’s was for local kids to camp out for weeks in and around Camp Hero. Usually sleeping in the old bunkers and disused buildings. Surfing just in front of the base, drinking crappy booze, and generally doing things that were popular in those particular decades… Apparently my dad and his surfer buddies starting causing a few too many problems and that’s when they started to cement up and seal all the old buildings.

According to the conspiracy theory they were cemented up to prevent you knowing the truth. I think teen beach parties is a more interesting. Its all a state park now so anything you’ve heard about them keeping the public out is just non-sense. Some of the old buildings are cordoned off, and the old bunkers are all still sealed, but from what I understand that’s mostly a safety issue.

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We went there - but we had a different spot on the bay side that we frequented most often. It wasn’t as high class as it seems these days - a lot of fishermen as I recall- a family friend who retired from being an nypd diver became a lobster boat guy. Lobsters were more agreeable to remove from the water.

Absolutely no spooky stuff seen by us.

My dad worked in the service department at a car dealership down the street from the Amityville Horror house too - just a house.

Still - if it channels Fox & Dana - I’m salivating!!!

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Also - I remember one of the big bunkers tumbled off the cliff from erosion.

Yeah my mom’s family was familiar with the Lutzes. Not well liked in the area, widley known to be lying to get out from under their mortgage and get payouts from the original book author. Never said bupkis till after they left the house or just before. And mom’s older brothers knew the Genaro (i think that was the name) kid who committed the murders before the Lutzes bought the place. A smack-addict who had repeated threatened to murder his father to get money for drugs. Nothing paranormal at all.

The show might be pretty fun. But these two subject just frustrate me. It’d be one thing if these were legitimate local legends that had blown up nationally. If there was any history to them, or any aspect of the local culture at all. But they’re not. No one out here was talking about any of this shit before some wack job writer thought they could make a buck tying some random events or other together. And all sorts of frustratingly inaccurate stuff about the area tends to follow along with it.

Its like Plum Island, lately all I hear about is that its SOOOO much more isolated than the new lab their building. Its an abandoned island miles off the coast of Long Island. Deep in the Atlantic Ocean where noone can reach it!

Its 2 miles from land. Those 2 miles of water are one of the busiest, most famous fishing grounds in North America. The whole shebang is less than 100 miles from NYC, and those 100 miles are densely populated, packed with farm animals, more deer than you’ve ever seen in your life, and huge nesting grounds for our epic populations of sea birds. In other words lots of likely carriers for disease. And the facilities are plagued by salt water infiltration, storm damage, and flooding. Its the worst place I could think to put a dangerous disease lab.

But you know its so isolated.

Ha! Yeah - It’s almost as far away as Shelter Island or City Island!

Gardiners Island - now that was mysterioso!!! Lord of the Manor and all. How did they keep a heriditary title in the U.S.?

I’m glad to see that Wynona Ryder is getting some work, again…it’s been too long.

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Fisher’s island is the weird one only accessible from Rhode Island but some how part of Southold Town on the North Fork. I hear it’s full of cannibals and war lords.

Friends of mine from college took a trip to Fishers. We were on the radio station together. They pooled their money and took a Cesna or some other puddle jumper over. This is going back more years then I care to share - but they said it was sorta dumbbell shaped - with a gate in the narrow part. Super rich people on one side - servant class on the other side.

Or so they saw in their 20yo eyes.

So the rich folk eat the poor to survive? Because their isolated island isn’t the paradise we expected when we set out?

I hear rumors of a ferry from Port Jeff now and then. I should embark on a late 90’s thriller.

You should visit, there may be a book in it.

But with that kind of money, you can afford to have whatever you want brought over. If you’re eating the help, it’s because you’ve cultivated a taste for it purposely - or just enjoy the sport. Pack accordingly.

Mind - I haven’t lived on the guyland for decades- though I still have family there.

If there’s nothing going on there, then how do you explain the Montauk Monster?

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Items of value mysteriously disappear when Winona is on set. Truly a paranormal phenomenon!

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Like you’ve never had a hangover.

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I would rather have Ong’s Hat.

Lovely. I’ll watch anything with her in it, ever since Lucas or whenever it was back in the day I lost my heart out to her.

You had me at “Winona”