Winter Olympics medals per capita


Wow, Nordic countries do well at the Winter Olympics? Who would have guessed? And since the number of entrants is limited to low single digits regardless of the size of the country, it makes sense that countries with a smaller population would have a higher per-capita medal count.

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Once the games are finished, they should also have a bar chart that shows the number of medal winners per capita.

'Cuz, y’know, in Canada, we’ve got all these hockey players, and I expect they’ll do well.

Do this for the years we were actually on top of the medal leader board and you will see true awesomeness.

I’d be curious to see how the province of Quebec would be rated on this chart…!

Ah yes, Latvia and Slovenia, well known Nordic countries close to the arctic wilderness.


The US sucks at winter. Hopefully all our cars, roads and supermarkets don’t go away – if we have to ski over to the beaver hut to get some food, we’re doomed.

Most of Latvia at a higher latitude than Copenhagen, that’s cold enough for me.

Slovenia is a little more surprising, being in the mountains probably helps. Switzerland would probably rank higher on this chart if they had a lower population.

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Would be interested in seeing one for average snowfall.


And Alaska is north of Beijing, so it’s in Russia? You make no sense at all.

The fact that Latvia is a northern country does not make it Nordic.

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Sorry, but it has to be said: what’s the level of “who give a flying fuck about the Oly***cs” (starred to avoid trademark infringement) per country? They’ve been hyperpoliticized crap for years and years.

The state of Vermont now sits at 57 medal winners (and 185 olympians) per 10 million people.


... douchebag.

Canada is actually up to 4.8 medals per capita (two more silvers today).

I’m not sure what the “medals per $100bn gdp” shows… Just because a country has a large (or small) gdp doesn’t necessarily mean that they spend a lot of (or a little!) money on their olympic athletes. I know that a lot of Canadian athletes go into tremendous amounts of debt (leading to things like the “Canadian Athletes Now” charity to help alleviate that) in order to train for the Olympics.

The Baltic states are linked to the Nordic Union in countless ways. Pretty much the only thing missing is full official membership status. I don’t think the Latvians would object much to being considered Nordic.

Well, Slovenia isn’t a Baltic country and Latvia may want to be one, but the Nordic countries see that differently, despite generally fair to good relations.

The Baltic countries are much more integrated into mainstream Europe as a whole than the Nordic countries, which opt out in many ways.

Norway isn’t a member of the EU - the Baltics are.
Denmark and Sweden aren’t members of NATO - the Baltics are.
Denmark isn’t a member of the EU defense council - the Baltics are.
Sweden and Denmark aren’t members of the Eurozone - the Baltics are. (Lithunia isn’t yet, but is pegged to the Euro and will make full switch to the Euro in 2015.)

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