Wire bending machine not quite as satisfying to watch as I had hoped


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It’s laying down some beats. If someone were to put some music over it, you’d have some hopping dance music.


Add some primary colors and a soundtrack and you’ve got OK Go’s next video.


Assorted wire objects! Pack contains:

  • 2x zig zags
  • 3x double ended hooks
  • 5x longish things with sort of squared off hooks at each end
  • 5x hoops
  • 3x squares
  • 8x tent pegs

Get yours today!

(Otherwise I can’t imagine why it’s making all those things at once, instead of just making lots of one of them.)


This is where the handful of unrecognisable but vaguely useful looking stuff comes from that you find at the bottom of every drawer, and every tub of useful bits. You know the economy is in a bad way when even Evil Goblins need a promo video.


I misread the title as “Wife bending machine” so this thread is not quite as satisfying to read as I had hoped.


Don’t anthropomorphize the wire bending machine. It hates that.



I figured it has a “show off” routine for the Wire Bending Machine Expo and such


curiously unsatisfying

Title of your sex tape!


It’s just doing it’s job a bit fast for our eyes and brains to see and take in what’s actually happening.

A big open secret of YouTube is, you can adjust the speed by clicking on the little settings gear icon or the “flower” as people call it on the YouTube player.

Slowing it down allows us to see and take in a bit more of the operation and makes it a bit more interesting.


This machine could have been programmed to be more soothing, but then it wouldn’t be as productive.

Clearly, the programmers had the wrong priorities.


maybe they had their wires crossed?


They’re good wire-benders Brent Beschizza!


Is that like the printer test page or what?


I love CNC wire bending videos. They were my gateway into the whole youtube machinist community. Lots more here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cnc+wire+bending


I read this as “the whole youtube minarchist community” and was, for a moment, even less satisfied by wire-bending machines.


Came for the Bender Bending Rodriguez references. Leaving curiously unsatisfied.


Masochist. :wink:


It’s making wire confetti for the Wire Bending Machine Expo ticker tape parade.