With a single interview, T.I. just shot past Kanye & Tekashi 6ix9ine as the most reviled rapper

Normally I wouldn’t just post a ‘trigger warning’, I just think i’m going to need to with this one. I’m going to blur out the link so don’t rage at me after reading what he said he’s been putting his daughter through


The doctor is willfully committing malpractice and violating standards of care. Not to mention at 18, he has no right to be there, or even to know what was said or done. Of course, she is in college so he may threaten to cut her off financially, but seriously, the doc is way out of bounds here.


My kids are adults, and thus have signed the documents so that I can help them medically if they need it, but I don’t go into the room with them and the doctor. We’ll talk beforehand about what they might want to ask the doctor, for example, and they may or may not (depends on the kid!) share with me some aspect of the medical visit, but I’m not in the room with my adult daughters…and I’m female too, so there isn’t even that added bit of squick.


While I criticize TI for making this an issue with his daughter, and certainly for publicly discussing her gynecologic exam, I save my venom primarily for any doctor who enables this mumbo-jumbo. It is not a thing, physiologically, scientifically or medically, and if the doc is playing any part in perpetuating this farce they need to be reported to their board of medicine promptly. We properly chastise “virgin patrols” in middle eastern countries, let us not justify them in our own.


I commented on this yesterday when I first heard about it; I pity TI’s daughter, no matter how much money and privilege she may be accustomed to, due to her father’s celebrity.

No amount of comfort is worth that level of invasion of privacy on a regular basis.

I have more than enough venomous scorn for both; and for the girl’s mother as well.

This behavior is repressive and inherently misogynistic, not to mention just creepy as all fuck.


I read this as “Look what a great dad I am, my daughter still has an intact hymen!!” You are 100% correct, this inherently states that a woman’s “value” declines after she is “used.” (I feel filthy just typing that) And I am certain as I can be that she is aware of how her value is judged in that area. My hugest concern is how many other dads out there are seeing this and going “Oh, that’s what I gotta do!” Teenage girls have enough issues to deal with without this shit becoming a thing.


All the eloquent statements on how wrong this is on SO many levels have already been made above;

Welcome to the Dark Ages: Version 2.0


I was going to the doctor on my own when I was 14, as were my siblings. It depresses me that the ideas behind Gillick competence aren’t more widespread.

The irony behind the name is that Victoria Gillick was anti-Gillick competence, and lost the court case where it was decided that under 16s can consent to medical treatment in private.


I would like to say, because I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere yet (here or on the intertoobs):

T.I. is also invading his son’s privacy. He’s letting the world know that his 15yo is sexually active. This is inappropriate and a violation of his responsibility as a parent, even if it’s not as intrusive as what he’s doing to his daughter.

And, by extension, he’s outed the sexual behavior of whoever the 15yo’s girlfriend is. I wonder how she and her loved ones feel about that.


Keep digging, T.I., you’re sure to hit oil eventually.


Holy shit, he di not improve any, did he!


not so much, no. But he’ll have another chance on Wednesday when the rest of that interview airs. He’ll probably have it figured out this next time, right?





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