Rapper severed penis because "I am a god"


Darwin knows best!


I have a hard time finding mental illness entertaining, regardless of the details. It’s unfortunate and ironic that “crazy” and “sick” are still widely used as insults, especially since those very words describe the lack of agency suffered by the target.


I blame the “Nation of Gods and Earths” for promoting this silly idea that “you are a god.”

I don’t think Zeus would see it that way.


I hope he got his testicles too, if he was hoping for freedom from distraction. Testes but no penis just means a lot of unsatisfiable frustration.

But I can’t blame him too much for wanting to opt out of the whole ridiculous merry-go-round of human sexual behavior. I wish there were a less permanent/self-destructive way to do it. We still place entirely too much cultural value on a dude’s ability to get laid.

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Cronus might have a view on that as well.

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Do it.


I blame the victim.

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Two Johnsons sharing the same body never works out.

Yawn. It’s been done before - like about 1800 years ago.

This is how ignorance works – not stupidity, but ignorance: a lack of understanding b/c of lack of information, education, etc…
It is sad, b/c he hasn’t learned anything from the experience.

This is why those who want to control you want you to be ignorant. If you can’t figure things out, they can influence how you make your decisions and then benefit themselves at your expense.

I’m not clear on what’s “ignorant” about cutting your dick off 'cause it leads you into woman troubles. “Crazy,” sure, I could buy that. “Drug-addled,” certainly. “Poor impulse control” and “not really good at reasoning out optimal solutions” and any number of other things. But I don’t see how you can say he was unaware of vital facts going into this thing, unless you mean “chop off your nuts, not your dick, dummy.”

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Maybe he wanted cheaper car insurance.

Hammond: One thing I’ve learned is that the premiums for 17 year old girls are half that for 17 year old boys.
Clarkson: Well there’s a Top Gear Top Tip right there - if you’re a 17 year old boy and you need car insurance, slice your penis off
Hammond: I would’ve done
May: I did. Yeah, I nearly did, I should have said.
Clarkson: That explains a great many things.

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Was he auditioning for King Missile?


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