WNBA star Liz Cambage arrived at the arena wearing a shirt featuring a photo of herself naked

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As usual, don’t read the comments. I’m sad now.


Maybe it’s the sunglasses (and imposing physique) but she does look rather Bond-villain-ish in the photos.


Dang, I was just going to say that!

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Being in a curmudgeonly mood… never heard of her, don’t care, and since when were Z-list celebrities’ fashion choices a ‘wonderful thing’?

Now, if whoever she is had been wearing a T-shirt with a picture of herself wearing a T-shirt with a picture of herself wearing a… well, that might have been recursively interesting. This is just self-referentially uninteresting.

Going outside to smell the flowers now, to see if it improves my mood. :wink:

Gonna say if I showed up to work wearing a shirt that depicted nudity and whatnot, I would likely be asked to go home and change.

And for a pro athlete too… yikes. Most leagues enforce a dress code for a reason.

One infamous incident where the code got broken and justice served.

good for her!


Oh, joy. Another thread where the mens feel like it’s going to make one goddamm bit of difference whether they approve of this woman’s decisions or not.



Yep, SSDD.

I’m just glad that you, a man, pointed it out this time; I got dinged as ‘off topic’ the last time I deigned to comment about how “well” these kinds of posts usually end.

Also, Cambage is physically very impressive, so I ain’t even mad at her for “flaunting it.”


You don’t care yet here you are. I do say that in jest fyi, tone not translating in text and all.

For me I think the shirt is amusing mostly. I don’t know who she is (I don’t follow sports to begin with) but I admire the confidence she has in herself and I’m totally for it. Women that are empowered by their bodies are shamed all too often, and there are times I find people doing so as questionable but it doesn’t negatively affect me so I just shut up and let them live their best life. And in the video of her walking with the shirt her smile says it all and I fucking love it.

So I might not know who she is but keep rocking it girl, you’re clearly inspiring other girls and women.



looks at badges Eh, I’m sure you’ll get the next one.

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My opinion doesn’t matter one bit. And yet, I feel compelled to post:


She owned that walk. She owned that hallway. Sign the title over; it’s hers now.

She got the cover of Sports Illustrated; and she celebrated that milestone with a T-Shirt with that cover on it. That’s awesome and something to celebrate! Yes, it was a nude photo but given that it was THE COVER OF SPORTS ILLUSTRATED I’m going to have to believe that it will all be OK and all the crybaby but-what-abouters should just shut the hell up.

The other outfits shown in the article are consistently fabulous as fashion pieces as well. Very well done. That black outfit makes her look 10 foot tall and bullet proof; awesome.


Aren’t most sports players lower than A List? For example, Carlisle United have been a professional team for 90 years, but I think their only players in that time who have mass recognition are Bill Shankly and Stan Bowles.

Jimmy Glass was famous for 15 minutes but was otherwise just another journeyman player.


I did say Z-list.

Is that the same Stan Bowles of QPR fame?

Never heard of Jimmy Glass, but then again I was only subliminally aware Carlisle had a football team. (Ducks to avoid missiles flung in my direction.)

Also, well done John Struan for the apostrophe after “Aces” - many people would not have bothered, but points deducted for “issues” not having the possessive apostrophe inserted.

And @beschizza - how do we @ these contributors who appear not to have a discoverable handle here?

And PS - the flowers smelt great, mood much improved, and I want to make clear - purely for the avoidance of any doubt (@knoxblox) - that I was not making any comment or implying anything about her decisions or fashion choices, other than that I do not care, because I do not know of her, and the constant media bombardment about which unknown celebrity was seen wearing what irrelevant outfit, or telling me what I need to buy because it is in ‘fashion’, still depresses me, even though I should know better by now. (The word ‘fashion’ is probably the most depressing in the English language.)

And @Grey_Devil was right - yet here I was, noting the fact of my not caring and saying I did not find it a wonderful thing. (In my defence, my Misanthropes and Curmudgeons Guild membership is up for renewal and I needed some evidence of recent practise.) Didn’t watch any of the videos - because Twitter, as well as not caring - but perhaps the wonder of it (indeed, the wonder of her) might have got to me if I had. I think I ought to stop rambling at this point - I may be losing the plot and His Curmudgeonliness the Grand Sourpuss may be reading.

Indeed. And when it comes to the sportsball I have come to enjoy the non major league games more, and oddly to my shocked teenage self basketball and hockey as the game always has something happening. It is just as if not more fun than the ‘big leauge’ game and it is apparent that the minor league teams are way more involved with the local community at the games.

The kid got WNBA tickets for a summer reading prize a few years ago and I went with him. It was nice and I wouldn’t have minded paying the actual full price tickets as they were cheaper than the tickets for the minor league hockey games.


With a shirt like that, who needs pants?


Yes, he was at Carlisle for a few seasons before he moved south. He already had his reputation

And it’s thanks to Jimmy that we still have one.


What a story. I bet he never paid for a drink or a meal in Carlisle for the rest of his life.

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