Wolves sing along to folk song in the snow


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That guy’s got a good voice on him, great song. Thank you for sharing (:


I love how they can’t help but smile, listening to the chorus around them!


Wolves are highly intelligent, social animals, and also have powers we’ve only begun to discover, like levitation:


Not sure if they are participating… or protesting.


No Amazon links? I’m surprised! : D


Never mind levitation if they’re that good at the trick photography.


I suppose native advertising and affiliate spiffbacks are The Future, which I am sighingly convinced I’d better just get used to, duh. But while i liked your comment, I found some irony in that I researched all three of the mentioned units. If they had simply provided a link to Amazon for each, and I bought, which I didn’t right now, they would have got their %. But a whole post about wind-up flashlights that turned out to be cheap crap (for me, ymmv), somehow that rubs me the wrong way. The right way is a simple link, casually mentioned, with your affiliate spiff included seems… OK. right? Come across a really Kevin Kelly+ cool tool, go ahead make my day =)

We get coyotes in nCA and they don’t sing quite like that, more yipping and yowling. When the wolves all protest - errr sing along - it is a wonderfully atavistic sound. Wild.


Wonderful. Great music.



Well, the wolves didn’t eat the folk singers, so I guess they liked it?


Yeah, back in my day wolves/dogs howling was cartoon shorthand for a song being really, really bad.


Perhaps the band was a trio and the wolves just were celebrating a fresh meal?


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