Highway wolves


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  1. Far out.

  2. Cool accidental soundtrack.

  3. I guess this avoids a takedown due to the poor quality and/or short duration?


re 3, Content ID would have recognized this and notified them, and given them choices like taking it down, monetizing it with ads, or doing nothing. In other words, it would depend on The Black Keys’ marketing and PR strategy, and the continued availability of the video is evidence that they have a good one!


Wouldn’t it just be down to Warner Bros?


Disappointed not to hear, “When they said he was an only son, he thought he was the only oooooooo-oooone… ooooooooooh, oooooh what a lonely boy…”


Fast wolves! :slight_smile:


Moments like that one never forgets. Memories now locked and loaded to be triggered by an awesome song. I’ve never seen the video for the BK song until today and the video for “Praise You” by Fat Boy Slim came to mind right away. I think it was the naked honesty of people doing what they’re going to do, like wolves.


wow those things look massive. makes me want to live in the country…and see some nature instead of substituting wilderness treks instead of treks to find the best ramen (or donuts, or tacos…etc) in my area…but being non-white it is a little annoying (all those “where are you from” questions I used to get 20 years ago come back).

in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, it is written (obviously it is dated fiction but still…) that a wolf alone wouldn’t be any match for a large dog in a fight. I would think in a pack hardly anything would stand a chance. I always took that at face value but looking at the size of this thing I think any dog wouldn’t last long.




So - where are they going in such a hurry?


Many questions:
Those wolves are really running, so exactly how fast are they going and how long can they run like that?!
and why are they running like that? is it the cars spooking them? Is there a meeting? Do they need to hit the border by a certain time?
Are there other wolves in their group that we just don’t see here? If not, are these a mated pair, maybe?

These are grey wolves, it seems:



Sadly, they are either trying to get to, or away from the choppa!


Wow. I hereby propose that henceforth all rock music videos be comprised solely of enormous wolves sprinting down highways.


Whether stuff gets taken down or not often seems to differ a lot from one artist to the next. From the interactions I have with music PR I think the level of decision-making is at that level – pr and marketing – when it comes to monitoring content ID and whether to monetize or nuke pirate uploads. But I bet some labels are maximally restrictive as a matter of policy. Warner is part of Vevo – but has that ever corresponded much with any particular attitude to “toleration or takedown”? And for whatever reason the Black Keys get to have their own channel with no Vevoage in sight.



I love the way each wolf glances over at the car for a split second, then keeps on running. Lead wolf also glances back.

It is possible that these two are simply enjoying a run on the nice flat surface provided by the two-legs.


Maybe. They do seem rather unconcerned about the motor vehicle.


Wouldn’t it be quicker if they took their mopeds?




Staaahp! That’s just adorbz.