Woman arrested after 100 mph wrong-way drive on the SF Bay Bridge

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If a car is going the wrong way up a bridge; why chase it at 100mph? Why not just get some cars to wait for it at the other end?


Daaaamn, she made it all the way to San Leandro?

Because it’s more fun to endanger the lives of hundreds of motorists and at least two children? And how often do you really have a real-world opportunity to execute a PIT maneuver? With children in the car, no less?


Maybe all they needed was to put a small rock on the road?


I don’t know if chasing it at speed was justified but at least all the flashing police lights probably gave drivers going the other way more time to react and slow down.


AND arrest someone for endangering the lives of children while you’re doing essentially the same thing, and getting off without any consequences. :man_shrugging:


“Stop making me hit you!”


Great policework there; endanger the kids in the car even more, not to mention everyone else on that side of the bridge…


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I had something similar happen going home late one night on I-70, and realized that some idiot was driving the wrong way. Luckily I was on the right side and they on the left. Yikes.


Assuming it was a drunk driver (which was not mentioned), I understand when they drive the wrong way, the tend to stick to the left lane which they believe is the right line.

The vehicle wasn’t driving 100mph because of the cop, it was already doing 100 mph going the wrong way.

If the vehicle made it to oncoming traffic tragedy was inevitable with the possibility of multiple deaths or severe injuries.

The follow up story said the cop was able to turn the car around. He may/probably saved lives.

Causing a high speed chase is one thing and shouldn’t happen, trying to prevent a vehicle from causing certain death and destruction is another thing.

If that didn’t work they were gonna try an air strike on the bridge.



dunno. couldn’t they have shut the bridge down, or closed the lanes?

they say “chased” so that means multiple cars going the wrong direction at high speeds. and the pit stop can surely cause harm to both the people inside, the police, and the other cars around.

regardless, it sounds like they got lucky no one was seriously injured. maybe due to the lateness of the hour

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At least she took the 180 degree wrong way. If she’d done the 90 degree wrong way, it would have been worse.

I mean, I assumed they were drunk, and yes, at least they had the good sense to be on their right, my left.

But much shorter.


Yeah, San Francisco has a “no chase” law but the East Bay and the bridge are the wild west. I’ve heard several pretty graphic stories from friends who are first responders about terrible accidents during police chases over the Bay Bridge.

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Wow, I hope she secured her film role in a Bangladeshi film about driving the wrong way on a bridge without like, hitting anything. With kids.

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