Woman arrested and handcuffed in Georgia for driving with a Canadian license

Never knew Driving While Canadian was a thing…


Time to move towards ending the traffic stop as a whole. They’re dangerous for the officers, a massive point of social, financial and legal abuse for police departments and individual officers, and they don’t actually make people better drivers.


If you look at the map, this arrest occurred in the Florida part of Georgia.


As opposed to the Georgia part of Florida?


But I’m sure they fired the officer?

Suspended without pay?

She apologized to our visitor and was required to go through remedial training?

They gave her a promotion, didn’t they?


“And another thing” the cop replied, “I know for a fact there is no such country as ‘Canadia’, so you can’t be ‘a Canadian.’”


So there were some social media posts that did link and point to the local and state laws regarding what type of paperwork was allowed (originals vs images on her phone, etc etc). So while someone could make the argument that by the letter of the law the cop was right and this woman was driving illegally; it’s hard to imagine why she needed to be arrested. Issue a warning or ticket and send her on her way. This is where some cops need to get training on understanding the grey areas of the law and that we don’t need to arrest and throw jay-walkers in jail. Save it for real crimes.

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why didn’t the officer call up his/her boss and check before arresting her? or look it up on an ipad? I don’t understand this process. the police officer should have to pay a fine for this. it was so easy to look up - just google it for god sakes.

I just typed the following into google “can you use a canadian drivers license in georgia” and the very first result was the georgia department of drivers services where the 2nd or 3rd sentence said you can. can’t cops use google even to double check?


I’m sure her captain capo was pleased with the income to his brother-in-law’s impound lot, his cousin’s motel, and his step-dad’s court.


in your sentence, are the cousin, the brother-in-law and the step-dad all the same person? it is deep in dixie after all…


The officer was following a proud South Georgia tradition:


The Homeland is under siege at our northern border.

It’s a case of “Respect my authoritah!” as Eric Cartman put it.


But then the illusion that doing The Work Of The People imbues a god-like transcendent status upon the practitioner of these dark arts disappears. Can’t have people thinking cops are just ordinary folk.

Nah. Not negligence. Malice.

This is generally what happens when you piss off a cop. A Japanese friend of mine copped an attitude with a police officer once and received 7 tickets. Yes, it was also in the middle of nowhere.


The worrisome thing is, anything short of utter, complete submission seems to piss them off. It’s like trying to maintain calm in front of a vicious dog because they can “smell your fear.”


They do not take your Canadian license when you get a license in Ga.Thant is only done in Canada.

Interesting, because I have the same feeling about criminal law. We’ve made a mistake in allowing this “anything bad that happens that has a cause can be arrested” mindset to spread and metastasize. Ideally, a civilian could screw up, apologize, take steps so it won’t happen again, and most cops would be satisfied and move on.

But if a cop is going to make use of the furthest limits of their legal authority (and beyond) to fuck with me, it would be foolish not to return the favor.


Aren’t the police supposed to know the law? If I ever set foot in Georgia again, it will be too soon.