Woman dismembers landlord who tried to evict her

Originally published at: Woman dismembers landlord who tried to evict her | Boing Boing

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Sounds like someone took the messaging of “Kill your landlord” very, very literally.

Prison poetry is a powerful thing.


Ugh, that poor woman! What a horrifying way to go.
Also, reading the linked article had me exclaiming in disgust at lazy police work.

Initially, police didn’t find any signs of “blood or foul play” at the West Ridge home, Deenihan said. But after the tenants told police about the bloody rags they found in the Foster Beach garbage can, officers and tenants searched Kolalou’s West Ridge apartment again, Deenihan said.

“They were able to find some additional blood inside the tenant’s room, at which point they discovered the gruesome remains in a freezer,” Deenihan said.

Then they looked in the landlady’s room, which was who they were doing the wellness check on, and found blood. WTAF? If the tenants hadn’t followed the murderer out to the beach, the cops would’ve just left the home without finding anything.


Because if you murder your landlord and cover it up, you’ll totally be able to live rent-free with no consequences whatsoever.


Yeah, it’s called “prison.”



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