Woman entered Bronx Zoo lion enclosure with flowers, tossing $100 bills. Again

Or maybe just help the folks with obvious mental issues. If her act was for laughs, or TikTok likes, fine, lock her up. If she’s legit wacky, get her help.


She was the mane event for a minute; even a cub reporter could figure that out and paws for a write-up.


That’s what the lions in Alphabet City do. [blinks] (Go shopping for proteins with hundos.) I don’t know about the matching spanx and flowers though, that might be a bee lion / bullfighting…not sure there are bee lions like there are ant lion spiders. Everyone has their own idea about how to make Atlantic City hale again.

If enough people throw $100s, and they can put that rubber playground stuff on the lee side of the fence, maybe it’s time for robot lions (fuzzy, warmish ones that purr and don’t call time out on petting, maybe) to attend. Decent way to make restaurants with outdoor areas use heat pumps instead of fossil fuel (cold end by the ice feature.)


Could this be the first time a zoo has considered taking out a restraining order, on behalf of lions, against a person? Providing she’s identified, of course.

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