Woman escapes kidnapper by leaping out of the trunk of his moving car


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Sufficiently new vehicles sold in the US all have safety releases inside the trunk, and many (maybe most?) have a light you can turn on. One of very few regulations ever drafted that was a solution in search of a problem (almost all are reactive) with potential to be a real life saver.


Great story. Good for her taking action like that.


Brilliant feature. I’ve been driving older SUVs and or hatchbacks for so long I didn’t realize that these existed. Story with a happy ending as a result.


this guy is future Darwin Award winner for sure
wait for it…


Even newer hatchbacks have the escape latch.


I’ve had cars older than 2002 when the requirement to add these to cars was implemented.

Here’s the rather dramatic genesis of the trunk escape lever:


Also, good choice on the timing!

She seems to have really kept her wits about her in a tough situation :thumbsup:


Is that really what they look like? With a stick figure that is obviously fleeing from captivity and not simply escaping a potentially embarrassing encounter with the local fire department?

Videos like this make me wonder how many people are in the trunks of the cars all around me. I mean escaping is apparently rare enough that it makes headlines so surely a larger proportion contain a person that is not escaping.

I bet there are at least 3 cars in the parking lot here at work that currently contain people. That Cadillac might even have two.



Yeah, it is hard to tell except when the kidnappers get sloppy.


I mentioned this in another thread a long time ago, but I had a co-worker who had previously worked at Canon (the ones who make cameras and copy machines). She used to take smoke breaks with a guy, who, turns out, was a serial killer. And yep, he kept the bodies in his trunk. She said he used to park kind of far away from the building. I tried to find the guy’s name but my Google Fu escapes me. He was killing prostitutes.


You are mistaken. That Cadillac has a three body trunk.


It’s even in the model name: Cadillac Corpse Trunk Storage.


The 2017 640Hp Cadaver To Stash-V series model comes with an emergency rope, shovel and bleach kit.


And the Home Depot special edition comes with a lifetime supply of 6 mil Visqueen!


Let’s Do This! Very creepy slogan in this context IK


I wonder if there’s a “kidnapping” version that simultaneously releases the trunk lid and drives 6" spikes through the driver’s seat.


Oh, you Altima driving bad guys.

Give us a ‘mea Nissan Maxima culpa’ why don’t you.