Woman in ten-year coma gives birth at care facility, police seeking DNA of workers


Slave labor is still slave labor, even with criminals doing them.

And yes, there is also that… Because you know, gots to protect the mens! /s


Quick interjection; using the word ‘female’ as a substitute for woman or girl without the classifier ‘human’ in conversation is often a form of passive-aggressive dehumanization.


Living in the hood as a teenager in the late 80’s to mid-90’s, it was commonplace for many rappers (and the young men they influenced) to use the word ‘female’ as code to stand in for bitch or ho’ when it was not convenient to use those actual terms. For instance, when speaking within earshot of one’s parents… or when trying to “insure” that your song is ‘clean’ enough to get radio airplay.

As we used to say back in those days:


Good news, gang! Even without your personal DNA on file, police may well have enough from your doofy ancestry-happy cousin to match what you left at the crime scene!

Though the same DNA evidence has cleared him of another murder, for which someone else already died in jail (they were just checking since they had him on hand).


It’s understandable that you’re pissed about this, as many of us are. However, advocating for prison rape is not acceptable at all.


Of course it isn’t. But talking about what happened there is opening up a can of worms. It is so repulsive that I can only consider to assist in Karmic repercussion in order to find out how that must feel.
It is moot though, because it is probable that the victim won’t wake up after ten years. In Saudi Arabia hands are cut off a thief. In the US, even mentally ill are executed.
There are some examples in Buddhism, where doing as I advised would be preferable to anything that does not induce the empathy for what the rapist has done.
But of course I agree to the fact that this ‘solution’ is reactionary to a despicable crime that would otherwise never surface.


It’s against the community standards to advocate for prison rape, to boot. Again, this is a despicable crime, but let’s just not go there, no matter how angry we are.

And it’s certainly not something we want to aspire to. We should push our prison system into the realm of true reform of the criminal instead of wishing a similar fate on the criminal. The brutality of the prison system only feeds into recidivism.


No, just no. That’s not something anyone should be on board with, no matter how this story makes you feel right now.


As I said. The crime perpetrated is much worse than meets the eye. How it must feel to be the relative of this comatose woman is beyond my imagination. There is a certain helplessness in the face of such crime. Not that there are not others, but to exploit the utter defenselessness of another human being makes me vomit.
Maybe my reaction is best explained with having been abused as a child myself? And a child is not far off from an unconscious woman. I was not able to fend it off either.


That sucks. I’m really sorry that happened to you. I hope that you got the help you needed for it.


Yes. Half a century later.


Allow me to apologize for the comment I wrote living through what I experienced again. It is beyond words to have been overpowered. This woman did not have any means to defend herself either. Maybe I should have not opened the thread, knowing how it would make me feel.


I think we all get your righteous anger and are also ourselves angry… no harm, no foul, I think.


It is very revealing how I responded. It shows me just how it will never go away. It’s a sign of my own helplessness when it comes to the topic. Trauma never leaves. It may lay dormant if one is lucky, but it is right there if triggered.
Thank You for Your understanding.


I think you’re totally right on this kind of trauma… there is only really managing it, it’s always going to be a part of how you are. And I’m really sorry for that. It’s certainly entirely unfair.

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Tragic update to an already-tragic story: