Woman in "woman yells at cat" meme shares the story behind it

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I’m glad to hear that her life is much better now. It sounds like she was in a horrible place during her time on television. I never watched the show but I genuinely liked this interview with her.


Terrible circumstances that seem partially avoidable if the producers of this show had an ounce of integrity and simply edited out the compromising footage.


Thanks, @Rusty_Blazenhoff ! I was just meaning to ask about this somewhere recently, bc I never watched the show and had no idea where that meme came from.
Also, the interview is, IMO, a lovely example of how we often have so much in common with people we might initially disregard based on such shallow things as appearance. Her sense of humor about the meme, her work against domestic abuse, what a mensch.
Our aesthetics vary, but our spirits have a lot in common :heart:


I felt something was off as well. But it looks like she had extensive plastic surgery because her ex bashed in her face. I won’t watch the show, but I think the video was worth watching.


Undoubtedly? First I’ve heard of it or her.

Doubt more.

Yes, that’s called hyperbole.

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