Woman records man sniffing her butt in California bookstore. He's back on the streets

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It’s Shrek! He should be easy to find.


Huffing farts will do that.

Rage inspiring! That POS at least deserves a thick dose of chemical agent in the face (but I admire the restraint).


The lack of restraints is why is able to keep doing this


“He’s back on the streets”

What the heck do you do with a guy like this? He has yet to commit a crime that warrants real jail time, but he’s also clearly on the path of escalating behavior. What does society do besides just wait for him to do something really bad (and then stick him in jail, long-term)?


It’s almost like locking people up and not doing anything to rehabilitate them doesn’t work.

But hey, we’re the USA. Our idea of justice is to make the offender suffer as much or more than the victim(s). It might not have solved our crime problem for the last 247 years, but tomorrow is a brand new day!


According to another article he went to prison for 8 years and then just went right back to it. He’s also been required to take sexual impulse classes.

I’m at a loss. We don’t really do any serious level of rehabilitation and I’m not sure a majority even wants to, but we also don’t lock people up for life for what I’m guessing is a misdemeanor, even serial misdemeanors.

What do other countries do?


If he’s taking sexual impulse classes, he’s already getting rehabilitation. What are those classes? Is there anything beyond that that he could do? Edit: list of approved providers of those classes in LA. I’ll click around their websites to see what these are.

This is what is going to happen in his case.

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When the subject of the awfulness of three-strikes laws come up, people always forget that the public embraced them for a reason. We really don’t have any way of dealing with chronic low level offenders.


To add another example, this snake man in SoCal keeps on breaking into buildings. He plead guilty to 54 felonies and was released. Looking at his expression in the photos, it doesn’t look to me like he’s feeling remorse or a desire to stop being a snake man breaking into buildings.

Do we just decide not to lock him up? It’s all just property crime. That’s where we’re at these days.

(Edited to add more of a point to my comment)

US criminal justice system, all too often:


You’re assuming this fellow has an addition, and isn’t merely a scumbag who keeps doing things because he can.

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That’s true. But we should. But also, doing so would require multiple different programs for different problems.

A habitual offender who is stealing, caught with drugs, or being a sex pest are three completely different problems requiring different solutions.

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I :heart: BoingBoing!

Update on this butt sniffing situation:

He’s back in jail, for failing to register as a sex offender.

The article gives more details. He had a full 52 weeks of sexual impulse rehabilitation therapy. Basically an entire year. I can’t imagine what more could be done for rehabilitation beyond a year of therapy. Two years? Maybe he needs to get a PhD in sexual impulses?

Somehow I have a feeling he’s going to be released soon and will commit more offenses. Because obviously.

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I once knew a guy who worked as a psychologist/therapist with sex offenders in prison. My suspicion is he might say it’s too much to expect one year of therapy to counter however long he’s been feeling/acting this way.

The impression he gave me is that contrary to popular opinion sex offenders including pedophiles are rehabilitate-able, but they have to accept responsibility for what they did and want to change, and rehab has to be given enough time and effort to work on The State’s end, things that often don’t happen. Don’t know if any of that applies here.


Yep. That reason was racism.

I’m a psychologist who treats sex offender recidivists. A year is nothing. It can take quite a while to unravel the complex pathologies that go into getting a person to the point where these things seem like reasonable choices. And sadly, many folks just aren’t interested in changing the behaviors for various reasons. So some guys just don’t put in the effort, which means if they’re on a typical prison sentence they come out and go back to it. If they are under a civil commitment that keeps them locked up until they complete treatment, they can be in treatment for a very long time before they get to the core of the matter and start making changes.