Woman smashed in face with beer mug for speaking Swahili at Applebees


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Could be more problems than just the charge

Christ what an asshole. I hope she gets lots of community service, and has to tolerate lots of people speaking languages she doesn’t understand. Perhaps send her to a community college. I doubt she’d have much of a chance of understanding anything there.


Burchard-Risch’s mugshot tears reveal how deeply she cares about English. And about people.

When she’s in the stoney lonesome, I hope she speaks with whatever accent her violent cellmate finds acceptable.


Alcohol. You are doing it wrong.


What is wrong with people? Who attacks people over a private conversation?


‘Burchard-Risch’ sounds kind of foreign to me. Definitely not good Anglo-Saxon stock. Since she apparently doesn’t understand ‘don’t be a horrible person’, perhaps she should at least remember that for any given in-groupness status display, you are unlikely to be at the top of the heap, which is the pragmatic reason that accompanies any ethical considerations for why that sort of thing is bad policy.


Christians, probably.


That’s just horrifying. Hope Burchard-Risch sees some substantial jail time.


“Coon Rapids, Minnesota” Stopped right there, need no further data.


“I’m home,” she told Burchard-Risch at the Applebee’s. “I can speak English, but we choose to speak whatever language we want.”

You know, it’s called “freedom.”


Dakotan was spoken in Minnesota before English. Maybe someone should smash Bouchard-Risch in the face with a beer mug for speaking that foreign English instead of Dakotan.


That’s not what I referred to.

I read it when it was originally posted. If you think one study justifies a sweeping generalization, I don’t know what to tell you. Especially when you take into account that the study spanned several countries. In general, I don’t see American Muslims beheading people in the street. So I am guessing there MIGHT be an affect by the regional culture as well as with the religion. Also there are huge differences in attitudes within each religion. The average Southern Baptists vs say Anglican.

Yep - I bet that lady has more than one bias. Let’s continue to hold her accountable for her actions and not shift the blame to a group she may or may not belong to. I mean, looks like she is a dirty blonde, so, you know, they aren’t known for being the sharpest rock in the box (sarcasm to illustrate point.)

What, you don’t like raccoons? Ar are you against the Whig party who used it as a mascot.


if the shoe fits and all that…


Right… so if a racists shows stats for high minority crime, low school test scores etc, that justifies their attitude?

Seriously. Don’t become what you hate.


I am with Mister44 on this. It seems crazy to meet Burchard-Risch’s crazy intolerance with a different kind of intolerance. This is a story about a human who found a way to differentiate “us” vs. “them” and use that differentiation to rationalize harmful behavior. If we start getting all “us” vs. “them” in this thread, where will be?

And for that matter, there is no evidence to suggest that this woman is Christian. Some people might say there’s ample evidence to suggest that she’s not.


If the trickster god and/or programmers of the Matrix want to convince me that this universe I experience is totally random and not created as a hellish joke, they need to stop using towns named Coon Rapids for stories like this.


But the nice man on Fox News said it was okay to hit people who aren’t ‘MURICANS!!’ And we know Fox News is never wrong!!


Substantial jail time isn’t too likely for third degree assault, I’m betting.


So folks know, I looked up assault in the third degree. The relevant portion is cited below.

**§Subdivision 1.**Substantial bodily harm. Whoever assaults another and inflicts substantial bodily harm may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than five years or to payment of a fine of not more than $10,000, or both.


She was charged with just third-degree assault? How the hell is this not battery?

[Edit: Wow, @jeblucas read my mind as I was typing that.]