Woman stuck in airport dances 'all night long' to Lionel Richie

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That looks a lot more fun than my last time getting stuck in an airport overnight.

Although even that was made better with airport tequila and some phone hookup apps


Spending the night in an airport is no picnic. Good for her for having fun with it!


I would have just sat and griped about it for hours. I’m not defending my choice, just being honest.


Will have to submit this idea to sleepinginairports.net

It can be, but the drinks are really really small.


Talk about a good sport; good for her.

I have a nightmare of a story about the one time I missed my midnight flight (along with about 50 other passengers) because of the airline’s own error… I was nowhere near that chill about it.


Mahshid Mazooji 2020 :us:

Wait…did I just disrespect the flag? :confounded:

But seriously, more people like her need to be in charge of things.


Cute, sexy and great moves. She’s also got a Faaaaabuuuulous attitude and in control of her sphere of influence. What’s not to like? You go girl!


I would have sat in the nearest lounge and drank, hoping I would not get too drunk and miss my flight.

Yes, you could lose yourself in wild romance. Parti’, karamu’, fiesta, forever.


She was lucky to be in Charlotte and not at Charles de Gaulle, Paris - where the fun never starts.


The attitude sells it, I have come to learn the other stuff is superfluous.


Meh, the video crashes my browser on mobile. Haven’t watched past the escalator, but who is filming her?

Seems to be really well done, the airport should pay her big bucks for the PR. =)


I know they say don’t read the comments but seriously, those Youtube comments!

Like, do they know that other people can see what they’re writing?

I think this guy has a chance though:

Jeff B
1 day ago (edited)
A fair maiden such as yourself is probably already already taken. But what I wouldn’t give for the chance to woo you. I would treat you like the raven haired princess that you are. I’m not like those Chads. Au contraire, mon frere. Once I laid my jacket in a puddle, just so a lady could cross. You could be my Jasmine, and I’ll be your Aladdin. I would sing “I can show you the world” while we galavant from airport to airport, living life as only lovers do. But alas, I would probably be left forever in the friend zone. Sigh. C’est la vie. P.s. I liked the part where you waved at me in the video on the escalator

That was beautiful! My bad day just got better.

His icon is a giveaway - it’s likely a joke account, this is copypasta. There is a subculture of comic-book-guy stereotypes of fat men with hats making improbable advances, I ended up on the related subreddit a few days ago (can’t remember what it was, damn). EDIT: this https://www.reddit.com/r/justneckbeardthings

Talk about making lemonade. There would be a definite risk I would murder someone with my bare hands if I was stuck at an airport overnight.

Happiness is an attitude, not a state of being.

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