Watch a pianist's perfect accompaniment to drunk anti-masker on a plane

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I keep asking the question however pointless it is to ask, but who are all these mofos who have the money to buy plane tickets and then just shitface themselves out of the trip, whether or not alcohol is actually involved?

I’m not hurting financially, but if I’m spending money on a plane ticket, I’m trying to get somewhere for a reason. And if you think wearing a mask on a plane is inconvenient, think about how inconvenient it will be having to drive across a big damn continent because you’re on a no-fly list.


Fly the unfriendly sky!


Birds: “Oh fuck, they can fly.”


A subset of the folks who had the money to stock up on ammo and charter a plane or a bus to go to D.C. on January 6th?

I mean, maybe not this one, but there are many of them.


At least the original vid had a happy ending. If only they all ended that way.

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Ugh, the whites lady tears, the kid glove treatment (as compared to that poor United flight guy from a few years ago who’s only crime was being overbooked), a lot to be angry about here.


Wow, the original video is stunning - I haven’t seen that level of cluelessness in quite a while. I guess the inebriation takes it to the next level.

Agree with ClutchLinkey too - every video like this is a little more infuriating than the last as you repeatedly see the appalling double standard at play.


Ugh. Reminds me of the first and last time I volunteered to be designated driver.


We’re in the pipe, five by five.


I want this brilliant pianist to accompany whatever I say, realtime, especially at work and at parties or playing dnd. Since it’s all virtual these days for me, wouldn’t even need to carry a piano around!


I’m going to go with “they don’t think things through”.


Having a Silent Movie score to my life could be fun.


Only if there are title cards with statements like,

“FSogol Screws Up!” and
“FSogol Screws Up Again!”


These idiots always start off tough, “do what you have to do, I’m not giving in!” And then as soon as they get what they asked for the tears start streaming and they cry “Why are you doing this, I didn’t DO anything!”

Uhm, you were just told what you were doing wrong 20 seconds ago. I know here the answer is probably alcohol, but this always seems to be the reaction even when the person is sober.


As the saying goes: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. It didn’t work for her… this time, but I have to wonder how many speeding tickets she tried to BS her way out of.

As for the pianist, that is brilliant!

Got to wonder just how drunk o stoned was she.

Utterly clueless about the social contract or even how law and government work and only aware of her own “rights”. No one else has them as as as I can tell.

Would love to see how she acts once whatever she smoked or drank has worn off and anything resembling a rational mind kicks in and she realizes just what a mess she now has.

I’d be annoyed as hell if I had to get off the plane while they handled this woman as they seemed to want to deplane everyone.

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Didn’t know she was drunk. That level of incoherence seems typical of the breed.

Too bad cops don’t treat everyone like this Karen.
Everyone knows if she were a POC, this would have ended far differently.

Plus, lots of people are trying to make a connecting flight, & delays dealing with these assholes can cause those connections to be missed. These fsckers need to be sued into oblivion by the other passengers…


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This is one of the most infuriating parts, isn’t it? I point out the difference above, not because I want more people to be brutalized, but because I think it’s worth asking, “Why can the cops handle this situation so “reasonably” yet the same exact situation involving a POC or some other marginalized person so horribly?” And keep getting away with it?!?!?!
(Rhetorical question. I know the answer and it’s fucking depressing, so no need to remind me.)


But what about her as a person? That officer was completely ignoring her dreams, her soul, her true purpose in life. He interfered with her personal expression and her desires to do exactly what she wished in that moment. What about that? (/s)