Unpleasant millionaire insists on bothering women sitting next to him on planes

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Is he too poor to own his own plane, or is it just that he likes harassing women?


This was after I explained they don’t work.

Here is a rich fuckwit who thinks masks are to protect their wearers. They are much more to protect others, so your breathed-out droplets do not reach them.


Wait, she didn’t take off her mask after the smug old white man explained that they don’t work? Not even for a bajillion dollars? Wha?!


I would have counteroffered ten bucks for her to remove her mask to spit in his face.




Or offer he provide $100,000 for pain and suffering and she would not sue him for sexual harassment.



If he sat next to me and we wrote up an ironclad contract, I’d do it.

I generally mask on planes but I think the $100,000 is much more expected value than the cost of a (second, for me) COVID infection, multiplied by the probability that this incremental increased exposure ends up being the difference between my getting that second COVID infection or not.

Guy’s still a jerkface of course, which is why I’d feel compelled to separate him from his money.


“OK, but you have to shut the hell up for the remainder of the flight. Failure to do so will result in doubling the payout. Sign here.”


There are many reasons to wear a mask in public. For me, it is (a) if I get COVID I want to reduce the chances of passing it on while I am asymptomatic*, (b) it keeps my nose warm, and (c), I like the anonymity.

Does Unpleasant Millionaire ask men to remove their masks too?

*as @anothernewbbaccount points out

Unless he could hand over $100,000 on the spot, I would question his intention to pay up. He’d probably feel vindicated in paying lawyers $250,000 to void the contract.


I think that’s some tr0ll BS twitter… I mean…

So, you know, grain of salt there…

Are you a man, because I’m guessing he’s just doing this to women.

Probably not.


$100,000, heck, $10,000 would be life changing for me to the point that I’d probably risk a plane ride (I’m vaccinated and boosted.) But even if I accepted said risk, that doesn’t mean masks don’t work. If I drove an hour with no seat belt for $100k, it just means I am taking a calculated risk/gamble that I won’t need it. But we all know seat belts save lives.

At any rate - the smugness and full-of-ones-self one has to be to even propose this to another person is just mind boggling. Mind your own business.


And refusing to accept said risk for the promise of said money doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t think the deal is worthwhile, it might just mean that she figured the creepy guy making the proposal was full of shit and wasn’t likely to pay her $10K in any event.

Besides, the fact that she was sitting in first class was an indicator in itself that A) she’s probably not hurting for money and B) she prefers to travel in comfort without being forced into awkward situations with strangers.


Proof that money doesn’t make you smart but makes you feel entitled. How hard is it to just STFU and mind your own business?


no contract is magic

once you’re in a courtroom anything could happen

the bottom line is none of the people this dweeb is harassing have any ongoing relationship with him and he’s not accountable for any of it :roll_eyes:

except maybe to the airline


So how many people has he met who died from COVID? I’ll bet he’ll admit to none. I’m at four. None in my family, thank God, but a co-worker, two co-worker’s parents and one friend’s spouse (who also lost a parent), all of whom I met socially over the past few years, and none of whom I disliked (most in the early days of COVID, when no one knew how to treat it. I also have a co-worker who lost the use of a lung due to his time on a ventilator - a paralyzed diaphragm.)

If I accidentally gave my parents COVID and they passed, I would live with that forever. If I accidentally gave my neighbor COVID and they passed, I would live with that forever. I would definitely be tempted to take this ass’s money just to shut him up, but how far removed from myself would the chain of infection have to go to really have no moral culpability for anyone on that chain’s death? Just because I didn’t know (or couldn’t prove) a direct connection just isn’t enough for me, not when breaking that chain could be so damned easy. Even the minuscule chance that it might save the life of you or your loved ones, is worth the inconvenience of wearing a piece of paper on my face. My ego is not so easily bruised.

Yet this asshole would give me shit about it. Makes me wish I could selectively choose who not to protect, but it doesn’t work that way.

It’s people like this who have successfully guaranteed that we’re going to have to worry about this disease every year. And every year, we’re going to have to put up with assholes just like him. The hardest part of it is to live with the fact that none of them will ever feel an ounce of gratitude.


“Hey, how about I leave the mask on and give you $100,000 to shut up for the rest of the flight?”


“Managed risk” a concept alien to him, along with not being an asshole.

If you can’t trust someone who calls themselves “Claire Penis,” who can you trust?


“Hey Steve? I’ve had a sore throat since yesterday, and I feel a little flushed, but I don’t believe in all this COVID nonsense. Can I pay you $1,000 to cough directly in your face for, like, 10 seconds? Better yet, make it 30 seconds. I feel generous.”