Woman stuck in an airport for 4 hours gets creative and makes this 1980s-style music video


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We recently had a five-hour layover at JFK, but all we did was drink a bottle of wine, eat, and watch Fellini. Seriously, there is an Italian restaurant in JFK that shows La Dolce Vita in a loop. Endless Fellini…


Yay for pet traveling companions, though old Soviet trains are better, cuz they get to relax and stretch out.


I wonder how much that video would have cost to shoot and edit in the '80s.


For the love of god please do not post a montage or jimbydude will lose his shit over it.


In an airport, even better.


Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of lines of cocaine.


Wow, she’s got moves like Sir Michael Philip Jagger!


Clearly another do-nothing liberal pinko commie just like that woman from NY. /s


…arrrgg no montages. You know me so well (I also hate old people dancing videos)


At first glance I thought it was Rob.


And now probably half the people unexpectedly stuck in airports just happen to have the tech to make such a video already in their pockets…


needs more cat! i want to know where the cat came from!


Oh, my! The tone in these comments! It was charming. She was having so much fun. And a better use of time than going to the Hudson’s and reading nasty tabloids.


No, two eyes, and one mouth.


That ended rather abruptly. I home someone didn’t call TSA.

What a charming video. That looks like exactly the sort of person one wants to be stuck in an airport with. Plus cat!


Loved the dancing but really didn’t need to see her big beer. If there is anything worse than food pics it must be food videos.


Slightly off topic, but this is why I want to shake some sense into my “musician” friends who talk about their future music plans, but never record anything. You have a studio on your computer. For free. Musicians from the 80’s on back would murder you in cold blood for that technology, freedom in the studio, and savings in production costs.


April Ludgate sure has become jolly.


For some reason, I’m imagining that she borrowed the cat from someone else.