Woman stuck in an airport for 4 hours gets creative and makes this 1980s-style music video


Boxxy doesnt look to have aged at all.


The world is her oyster, except the airport.


It almost seems a little too obvious.


I know, it’s disgusting, just look at the size of it! /s


I am just certain I would be arrested and possibly beaten for doing exactly what she did.


i know, right? It’s like a pint. Of beer.

Wait, did I just ask you whether you know?


YES! We need to know more about that cat :smile_cat:


I’m impressed with her moves! Also, the cat.


Geez. I had sleep overnight at Denver International. I feel like I should have accomplished more. :confused:


Uh oh. I’ve had to sleep overnight TWICE in Denver airport…
My favourite part is how your horrendously late flight arrives at DIA 11 seconds after EVERYTHING closes.


Nothing was open. My wife and I had two toddlers in tow. The only helpful part, I guess, is that they had to shut off all the lights for several hours for unknown maintenance reasons.


I would have sold my left arm for a damn beer and something to eat. And some clothes. My suitcase went merrily on to Vancouver, and I was on my way back from Asheville NC. In April. It was short skirt and tank top-warm in NC. Not so much in Denver…

I definitely didn’t accomplish much.


Well, like a wise man once said, if you’re bored, you’re boring.


I’ve always known it as “only boring people get bored”


@katiemgould may win on dance moves, but for song selection and video production, this one takes the cake:


If I were stuck in ATL Hartsfield-Jackson I would probably wander around for 4 hours, that place is huge.


The Floss! She was doin’ the Floss! I learned about the Floss right here on BoingBoing! Am I hip now?


That wise man was Zelda Fitzgerald. Or Neil Tennant, one of the two.


Take down notice in 3…2…1


This is just wonderful. Sometimes I’ve lived in airports it seems but never with such delirious delight. Next time I write a musical, will have to decide whether to ask her to produce, direct, or act.