Woman stuck in an airport for 4 hours gets creative and makes this 1980s-style music video



Wait, no.


Well. You gotta pay the bills. Working at starbucks eats up lots of your time.


If I were stuck in Phoenix, I’d have races with random passers by on the the seemingly endless stretches of people movers.


I especially liked the very 80s clips on the transit train :slight_smile:
Also, @jimbydude, here’s another video to check out…


(also @LadyBrains)

In the Twitter thread, she says it’s her cat.


Per my 9 y.o. son, flossing is as passé as dabbing.

So, no. Emotes are the thing the kids are doing this month.


As a parent, it’s your responsibility to instill good habits of dental hygiene in your

Oh wait. I’m old, aren’t I?


Yeah, I found that out when I tried to be the Cool Uncle and ask my 8-year-old Fortnite-loving nephew to show me his best flossing moves, and got a big “you’re old” eye-roll.


That’s a Bingo!

[I’m oldz, too, don’t let it get you down.]


Busiest airport in the world… and now the state is attempting to take it over from the city…


I did have a two hour layover there once, and spent time taking the mini subway to several terminals to see if there were better food choices than where my flight was.


Did you find anything?

They’ve added new vendors in the past couple of years, I think. It was a big news story when the former mayor opened the bidding for it. It’s been a while since I’ve flown (2016 for my aunt’s funeral) and I don’t remember what we ate while there?


Can’t recall how long ago this was, at least ten years, but there wasn’t much difference between the gates in terms of food. I think the one spot I was really interested in had a long line.


aww, great pic. <3


9yo boys dance?


That beats Bottomless Fettuccine!


Fortnite dances, definitely. I witnessed an impromptu dance-off between three random preteen boys in the TSA line when I flew home for Christmas this year. My sister said of my nephew, 'I think Fortnite is silly, but if making him burst into random dance moves is the worst thing about it, I’ll live."

Other uncle wisdom: the all purpose greeting for preteen boys seems to be “HEY! WHO DO YOU MAIN??” which applies to pretty much any popular game.


Finger Pokey Pointy is one of my signature dances moves to this day.


Eh, work is work. It doesn’t matter to me what folks do to get by. It’s their big talk in their downtime about their projects that annoy. I think it was Hemingway who said [paraphrase] it was better to do your project and then tell people about it, instead of the other way around. If you talk about it first, you’ll gain the praise about your idea and will have no need to do it.


True dat!