Woman uses her vitiligo as a template for body art

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something something curvature of the earth


The second thing I think of, after “wow, she’s beautiful,” is what a pity it is that Michael Jackson lacked the self-esteem needed to do something like this when he developed vitiligo, instead of turning himself into a bleached alien mutant.


The “dungeon master” in me has all sorts of plot ideas all of a sudden.


This is awesome. YAY self-esteem!


My first thought was, “this would make for the basis of an interesting world origin story.”

Forget turtles and elephants. The world exists on the body of an ancient being and the map is difficult to draw because the curves of the land aren’t a simple shape. It would make epic journeys all the more interesting.


OH yes. Put her on Game of Thrones, with a map to some distant land or something.

The City of Lost Children had a map tattooed on the the top of a bald man, but that movie is so obscure I can’t fine a pic of it.

I wish I could do something interesting like that for my tumors…


absolutely one of the most gorgeous and sexy things I have ever seen. Her face and body are nice too.

I didn’t remember that from TCOLC, but I remember the dad in Cutthroat Island had a map on his scalp.

Not to mention that it can change over time.

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Fine map art indeed.

That’s an impressive level of surface detail.

mumble mumble specializes in fjords mumble mumble


I always thought about doing something like this with the rampant vitiligo on my hands and arms and neck. But then I went and didn’t do something like that. Like I always do.


It wasn’t just self-esteem. He literally had his entire career riding on his image. Vitiligo can be soul-crushing for regular people because of the daily reactions from strangers, thinking you’ve got a communicable disease, etc. But for him the stakes were 1000x greater - his entire livelihood, his family’s livelihood, all the people who worked for him. They all depended on him keeping the business going. Anything to avoid the chance of being labelled a freak, and then tossed aside by a fickle public. Being black was tough enough, but piebald? Not a chance he could risk it.

FWIW, I’m not sure how I feel about this instagram. If she didn’t have vit it would be just another instagram-hottie. Is instagram-hottie-with-vit a positive thing? I guess its better than the callous indignities of strangers that most people with significant vit experience on a regular basis. Still, seems like substituting one form of objectification for another.

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I had an RPG sub-plot about a map tattooed on a man’s body that was the only way for players to get into an area of folded space (a suburb whose homogeneity had caused it to collapse in on itself), but a condition which causes maps to spontaneously be generated on one’s skin is even better.

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A map tattoo, you say?


Do people really call it vit? I have vit?

We always did. 4 syllables is way too long for something you talk about a lot.

Evi Steyaert has been doing that sort of thing since at least 2012…

This head shot has been used by Vitiligo groups for years