Woman uses her vitiligo as a template for body art


Obscure? Not around our house.


Just do a screencap when you get to the right part:

Edit: looks like you have to watch the movie at the vimeo site


Those images bring back the wonderful childhood memories of watching Waterworld in the theater, thinking it was awesome, and then spending the rest of my life being told that Waterworld sucks and I should hate it.

Anyway, Waterworld sucks and I hate it :wink:


But the thing is, at the time when he started to develop it, her was the world’s biggest superstar. I think you underestimate his power and influence at the time he started developing symptoms. If he had owned his condition and rocked it, I don’t think it would have hurt his music sales one iota. Hell, twenty years later, he was accused of pedophilia, and even that didn’t destroy his ability to make hit records. A weird looking skin condition in the 80’s wouldn’t even have made a blip.


I wasn’t describing my rationale. I was describing his perspective. The more you have, the more you have to lose and it makes you hyper risk-averse.


Keep in mind that vitiligo does not appear the same on every individual–especially when compared to how it looks on lighter skinned tones versus darker skinned tones. The darker the skin tone, the more variety and contrast of color gradiations of light, dark and pink.


I got some. Popped up in my early 40s out of nowhere. It’s localized and not something that would normally be exposed but even then I’m self conscious about it. Lots of respect for this woman



It showed up on my face around my 35th birthday. Even with the small amount contrasting against my olive complexion, it’s not put me in the Mr. Hyde category (I do that on my own). I was lucky.


No I think the guy was Chinese.

Your house is awesome then.

Yeah I was at work. I could have pulled it from my DVD.


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