Woman was unintentionally blowing her brains out, for years


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Snot has been in the news a lot lately.


Roger AHCHOOO! that!


But 'snot in the news right now, is it?
And I’m phlegmatic about the amount of snot I produce, anyway.


I feel a little sick now.



Fuck BoingBoing’s grammar check.


People are forever blaming the trees, or ragweed, or Aunt Agnes’ perfume, but eventually they wise up and figure out that their own body is trying to kill them.

Wise up people. The call is always coming from inside the house.


This story is horrifying. I think I just turned hypochondriac.


which is why i drink copious amounts of cheap whiskey… i’m gonna take that fucker out first!


Well, this is the most fucked-up thing I’ve read on the internet today. And there’s been a lot of fucked-up shit on the internet today! I think I’m going to think about this literally every time I blow my nose or have any form of nasal congestion or post nasal drip for the rest of my life.

Seriously — fuck you, bb. :fu:


The best defense is always a 100 proof offense.


I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty confident that cerebrospinal fluid isn’t green and snotty-looking.


Does CSF not taste a little different than post nasal drip?


Could be worse. She could scratch a hole in her skull in her sleep:


Since I had a year-long mystery headache a while back, I’ve had a mild phobia that some day I will have to get a spinal tap. So my first reaction to this is “wait, you can get at your cerebrospinal fluid by sticking a needle through the wall of your nose? That sounds much less distressing than a lumbar puncture”.


at least we have dynamite for brains! :wink:


YES! I thought of this as I read this post! I believe ‘Scratchy’ did describe her CSF as being green and snotty.


Not to be pedantic about it*, but blowing out CSF is not quite the same as blowing your brains out. But still horrifying. She’s lucky she didn’t get some horrible brain infection, like meningitis or something.

*OK, it’s pedantic.


Ughh. I’ve had a bad post nasal drip for decades. Can’t sleep on my back. Doc wanted to straighten my septum, I wasn’t buying it. But I’m pretty sure it’s just mucus, I don’t think I’ve ever been concussed except possibly that time the rope broke on the tire swing.


Oh wow. Good thing she didn’t use a neti pot with tap water (which no one should ever do, btw). That can lead to brain eating amoebas, often fatal because they go untreated too long because the symptoms are common things that fit right in with a runny nose like fever, chills and headache.