Woman who had 5-6 spontaneous orgasms a day in her foot


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In French, “prendre son pied” (literally “to take one’s foot”) is to have an orgasm (or, less specifically, to get your kicks).

It always struck me as an odd expression, but maybe the French know something we don’t.


Supposedly the feet and the genitals are wired up to adjacent parts of the brain, it’s possible some people experience ‘crosstalk’ between those two parts of the somatosensory cortex.

That adjacency may also explain why foot fetishism seems to be one of (if not the most) common parapheilia


True story: I used to think “pedophilia” meant foot fetish. “Paedophilia” was that other one.


Everytime I hear someone praise the French for being great lovers, I die a little.


autocorrect can be so prudish.


Surely you mean “Podophilia”


Talk about Pussy-footing around


Everytime I hear the French praise me for being a great lover, I die a little.


Usually it helps if both ego and organ are stroked.


If she finds a way to become contagious, she’ll be rich.


People who experience various kinds of spontaneous orgasms often appear tired when they explain (probably for the infinitieth time) that the phenomenon is not as fun as it sounds.

However there is a noise project called Contagious Orgasm!


Yeah, it sounds fun for about a day. Then after that about as fun as constantly sneezing.


So she gets foot cramps.


Actually, there is some drug out there which I read causes sneezing with orgasms! So anybody who want to try might research that,

My allergies are fairly well controlled now, but at their worst have caused me to sneeze constantly for hours. Even my doctor laughed when I said that I sneeze hundreds of times - until about a minute later I sneezed probably fifty times within a minute or two. Then they weren’t laughing anymore! Employers don’t seem to think very highly of it as an excuse to call out from work, either. Yet, it’s quite difficult to do much of anything while one is sneezing. I’d prefer 5-6 foot orgasms any day!


Hon hon hon… La Petite Mort


Would that be a small death? :wink:


Is she coming or going?


But of course.


I’ve seen some hypnotherapy done for anorgasmia, and it seems a little like this. One of the standard techniques is to mentally link up an innocuous point on the skin to the idea of genital stimulation when the subject triggers their own post hypnotic suggestion. The one I saw was on the back of the hand. I think the idea is if lubrication isn’t happening and intercourse is painful, the linked point can act like a primer pump for them to rub to get worked up enough for the real fun. Though a few demos I saw could seemingly stimulate an orgasm (I say seemingly because hypnosis all about trust and playing a part, and hopefully the placebo effect can kick in and help with psychosomatic problems).