Wonder Woman smashes box office records

Early Avengers trailers were exciting though, they made you want to see more and thats the point of a trailer.

The basic problem is DC’s characters just arent interesting. Frank Miller made Batman interesting but then they milked that cash cow for decades already.

Note that Vertigo (a DC imprint) has some good characters but good enough to carry a movie? Maybe not.

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I looked it up. Her original origin story is that she was sculpted from clay by Hippolyta and given life by Aphrodite, and then gifted with superpowers by the Gods. The current incarnation differs only in that Zeus is now her father, elevating her to full Goddess.


Reading the previous WW thread and this one got me thinking about what female sci-fi/action heros/heroines there have been. I’m pretty sure Sigourney Weaver/Ellen Ripley is the only one that doesn’t either have previous source material or plays opposite a strong male character. Don’t get me wrong the creation of Wonder Woman was/is a great thing, but the character has been out there for +70 years. Even Linda Hamilton’s supremely bad ass Sarah Conner played along side Arnold.

At this point I’m just starved of a movie that doesn’t suck, and it’d be nice to see some original ideas thrown out there once in a while. (I’m speaking of the larger Hollywood trend of remakes and continuations, not just super hero movies.)


I agree with your conclusion, but not the wording. Its not that they aren’t interesting…its that they are less relatable. Marvel’s heroes for the most part are the every-person-turned-hero. DC’s heroes tend to be god-like. Additionally going back to the 70s-90s the Marvel story lines dealt more with the human condition and our social issues (alcoholism, racism, abuse, terrorism) whereas DC stories were all too often universal/global peril tales which were harder to imagine yourself embroiled in.

Vertigo characters are great and very transferable to film see Constantine and Preacher. They do get more “pigeon-holed” as they are definitely in the occult/fantasy realm of things.

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DC’s been mulling two possible movies: a Harley Quinn starring vehicle and a Gotham City Sirens film, teaming her with Poison Ivy and Catwoman. After the success of WW, I’m betting one or both will be fast-tracked.

Their live action films have indeed been a mixed bag, but I think they’ve been trying to figure out their audience. BvS is much maligned but it was very much made for deeply geeky longtime fans who’d dig all of the references and the Frank Miller/Alex Ross sort of style. A lot of folks genuinely dug it, but it wasn’t a ‘fun’ movie by any means. WW shows me that they can do ‘fun’ while still telling a terrific story.


I believe they also changed this to make it more of a mainstream parentage. WW being molded and created solely from clay was always a clugey origin. Not the least of which brought to question her ability vs Superman. given her original origin Supes would not have stood a sliver of a chance standing toe to toe with her. He is more vulnerable to magic than to green kryptonite. This re-envisioning (as of new 52) helps level set her power level to Supes and keeps them on par; which is where the writers seemingly always want them (for better or worse).

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I always think of Beatrix Kiddo along with Ellen Ripley.

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Apples and oranges; Suicide Squad had a five day opening weekend.


I personally feel like some of the best DC stuff has been the animated series: Justice League Unlimited, Brave & the Bold, and Justice League Action. Those shows embraced the utter ridiculousness of DC’s Silver Age and told great stories with those characters. I’d love for them to move away from the Frank Miller type of thing and make a joyful colorful film that takes pride in being a comic book.


I don’t know. It’s hard to argue that there was a built in audience for The Bride.


This is true and one I had forgotten about (I knew it was likely) mostly because I never got into the Kill Bill saga. Quentin Tarantino films are kind of weird for me. It’s almost like I’m watching people act out these characters, sort of like a play, as compared to becoming those characters like in 99% of other movies. Just a different style, and a lot of people love it, it’s just hit or miss for me.


Starring Jason Momoa as the majestically badass version of Aquaman? I’m very much looking forward to it.


I un-ironically love Aquaman and I always have. I will totally go see that even if it’s garbage. In fact, I kind of want a buddy movie where WW and Aquaman ditch the mopey losers Superman and Batman and go save the world together.

Edit: An interesting note: HuffPo corrected their article, which earlier said that the previous recordholder for a female-directed film was 50 Shades of Grey. They’ve corrected it to Matrix Reloaded which I don’t think is entirely fair; the Wachowskis were presenting as male when that film was made and they had more opportunities because of that - not to mention that it was a sequel to a hugely popular film, and not a blockbuster debut.



This is the version of Aquaman they should be aiming for.


But the thing that I love is that part of the reason that she was such a badass in the second movie was BECAUSE of Linda Hamilton.

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Black Widow’s background as an assassin and spy is pretty grim, especially when you consider the mental and physical trauma she had to endure. A movie based around her could work and might even be a pretty compelling movie, but the tone would be much darker than the average Marvel movie. I suppose they could try to lighten it up and not dwell too much on dark themes but it seems like it’d be an uphill battle.

Still i would be all for Marvel giving Black Widow a chance to lead a movie. We’ll see i guess.


I saw the Wonder Woman movie thursday and my thoughts on it was that it was excellent. The movie does suffer greatly in the very last act though, i don’t think that they knew how to wrap up the story so they opted for a generic boss fight with The Main Bad Guy. Honestly they could have done entirely without it and the movie would have been rock solid. Still highly recommend it, i had a blast.


I think that She-Hulk would be a more interesting choice, but I don’t encounter many other fans. Since she is currently popular, I think we are more likely to see Marvel try Squirrel Girl.


DC in the 70s outside of Superman comics traded far lower on the Playground Market Index than Marvel. The only exception I remember was Sgt Rock or Haunted Tank type stuff, those were often worth two old Spidermans each.

Its not just that DC ran too big type characters, the writing just wasnt fun.

Perhaps they forgot that they are a comic book company?

The MCU scriptwriters seem to be pretty good at being able to have dark moments within an overall fun movie.

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