Wonderful new Snoopy astronaut watches from Timex

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McDonalds UK have Happy Meal toys with NASA Snoopy which you wind up and it walks. Except that it walks backwards - it moonwalks!


These are nice complements to the Omega Speedmaster, which won NASA’s Silver Snoopy award for its role in saving the Apollo 13 astronauts.

From the movie, which extends the 14-second manual burn for dramatic effect:


I think it was in “Charlie Brown, Snoppy, and Me” that I first came across this image from Mission Control; finding a better copy online is left as an exercise to the reader.

I’m sure Mr. Schulz was flattered to be involved, but reckon even he might have thought off-model Snoopy leaving lip-prints on Charlie Brown was a little weird.

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One: these are lovely.

Two: Light numbers on a light background is my favorite style watchface and you very rarely see it. See also the Partitio and certain Shinola models.

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