Wondering if someone is a narcissist? Just ask them

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That is simply amazing. I suggest both parties’ political debates should include this question.


Related: Wondering if someone is a vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.



You should be. :wink:


To be fair, that old joke is often inaccurate. They could very well have a big sticker on their bike or something and not have to tell you at all.


Sadly, this sure seems to hold true in my neck of the woods, along with a pile of other political messages.

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The way I learned the joke was: Wondering if someone is from Texas? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.


Wondering if someone lives in Brooklyn? ask them their dog’s name…


Am I a narcissist? No, but I’m still hotter than you.

(Brushes scone crumbs off of Harris Tweed jacket with the tip of a hundred year briar pipe)


Lord knows that unlike other people with strong views, those who pay close attention to their food choices should shut the hell up about it.

Seriously, I know a lot of vegans, and vegetarians, and none of them are talky about it. Partly because they know about the stereotype you so humorlessly perpetrated.


Before I figured out my narcissist was NPD, I suspected many things. Cunning, diabolical, dead-eyed stare, etc.

Interesting thing is, you could say she was evasive, lying about something…anything of the sort, and she’d deny it to the end of the world. However, she NEVER contradicted terms like the ones above.

I gather you were in a relationship with one. THAT is the pits, I’ve discovered. My condolences, and congrats on getting out. I hope you’re relatively unscathed.


Seriously, so do I. Great people all. Could it be a dumb old joke is neither reality nor heartfelt bigotry?

Sure, humor can be the tool of great oppression and injustice or whatever. Doesn’t mean I approve of the societal crusade to make sure nothing ever exists that can potentially offend someone. To the crusaders I say: good luck with that.


So I gather you’re fine with telling racist jokes too? After all, there’s nothing really wrong with perpetuating stereotypes as long as the bigotry isn’t heartfelt, amirite?


You got me! Food choice bigot and racist hypocrite. I see your opinion is fully formed and impervious to dialogue, so good for you. Thanks for sharing.

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I have several Harris Tweeds

And a tweed Ralph Lauren… from value village for $15.


Yeah. That can be tiring.

Just goes to show, we both have good taste, and no one else does. I’d wager you look quite dapper.

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I asked two questions.

Thanks for forming assumptions on the basis of so little information. It’s starting to seem like that’s a habit of yours.

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That was the hardest part - not a “relationship”. It was supposed to be just a “friendship”.

I was not really surprised about the lack of moral support toward the end – it’s just like one reads about in any sort of relationship with a narcissist. People will often say your anger is because you didn’t get laid, didn’t stand up for yourself, etc.
I just wanted the rent money and payment for the couch she took. Should have known better and got it in writing.

And yes, I made out a great deal better than some guys I know/heard about who ran across her at some point in time. The dollar amount numbers in the thousands for some.

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