Wonkette posts bizarre cease-and-desist letter it received from "Diamond and Silk"



Someone would have to be an idiot to do that.


There’s a profitable niche where conservatives pay minorities a lot of money to tell them that they’re not racist (Diamond, Silk, Candace Owens) or sexist (everyone blonde woman on Fox News) or homophobic (Milo) or antisemitic (Ben Shapiro) and/or that their prejudices and stereotypes are true.


I think as long as they aren’t actually practicing law, or impersonating a specific lawyer (e.g. using Esquire or “attorney-at-law”, Larry Lawyerman, Esq.) then it isn’t illegal. I mean a legal team DOES have people who aren’t actually lawyers helping out on cases, like para-legals and interns.

Putting aside the context, citizens should be able to send letters like this without a lawyer. If the person they sent a letter to doesn’t comply, they can’t do anything about it unless they get a real lawyer to then sue.

I sort of have a squnity eyed disdain for the legal system. It is all a fucking racket. If you got money, you can skirt a lot of trouble just because a guy in a suit asks a judge to do something. I mean literally that is what happened last time I used a lawyer for me screwing up a traffic ticket.

Jumping back into the context, yes their attempt to sound official was so bad that even non-lawyers can see it. I wish I had my bosses old letter around, I’d share it. Prick. You would think they would find a boilerplate letter somewhere and go from there.

Hey – let’s ask @L0ki

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“They eagerly talk politics, but evidence of their America is scant beyond the internet.”

I can’t state enough how much this line describes the new far right and all my experiences with them.


If you don’t know who they are, you’re not qualified to judge what is and is not incendiary to say about them.

Just wondering, was it their ethnicity or their race?

If the former, um, what is that when it comes to black people in the United States?


This “brand” is about a useful as a white bristled toilet brush.

Ahh, good old Zircon and burlap. The grift that keeps on grifting.


Love me some wonkette. Found them through boingboing years ago and supporting them ever since. Funniest politics aggregator on the net, for me.

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Journospeak, roughly:

Race: “black” or “African-American”
Ethnicity: “self-identifies as black”

All wrong, obviously, but the daily grind is all about finding the least harmful and most helpful term in any given context.


That’s just silly. The statement that someone is essentially an anti-black black is an explosive, inflammatory claim, and lack of context doesn’t change that. In general, most things are more inflammatory with lack of context, not less.

All I know about them is 1) as the summary tells me they’re on Facebook, and 2) literally nothing good in the history of the human race was ever on Facebook. (This is not an invitation to tell me more about them. I don’t care now, and I don’t intend to later. I just thought the template looked pretty easy to google.)

This adds nothing to the conversation, but…
Also, turkey. They are turkeys, I guess.

Not sure something can catch on fire after it is already fully engulfed. Also, congrats to them for finding and teaming up with the Diamond and Silk of “legal teams.”


True, but Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys multitask with misogyny and homophobia. Their members of color probably came for that stuff and just stayed on for the white supremacy.


What a hook!

Proud Boys®: Come for the misogyny and homophobia, stay for the white supremacy!™


It’s not productive to both admit and reaffirm ignorance while also making a judgment that would benefit from more understanding of what you’re talking about.


Don’t forget “Latinos for Trump” co-founder Marco Gutierrez, who famously warned about how Hillary would bring about the tacopocalypse.


Hatred - uniting humans since the dawn of time.


Nailed it.

These two triflin’ heifers are just more cookie-cutter, cliched, opportunistic, self-hating tokens, trying get all grift they can while the getting’s good; never mind all the bridges they’re burning with the Black community…