Word of the day: Haboob


Netflix has the Ken Burn’s “Dust Bowl” documentary. Highly highly recommended if you are interested in all things Haboob.


My favorite is when it rains during a haboob and you get small mud balls falling from the sky that glue themselves onto everything.

Before I realized it was an Arabic word, I read it as soundling like “Ha’ boob” (just like “Ha’ penny,” not that England is ever dry enough to experience one).

These happen in Lubbock pretty often. Here is one from a couple years ago.

And yes, if followed by or combined with rain, mud falls from the sky.

When we lived in Israel, we used to go down to desert to visit friends quite frequently. One weekend we got one of these wall of sand sandstorms that we could watch coming into town from the window of the house. When the sandstorm arrived, my then-9 year old son announced that he wanted to know what it was like out there. My friends and I tried to dissuade him, but he was insistent. Finally, laughing their heads of at this very determined young man, they handed him a scarf to wrap around his head to give him at least a little protection and opened the front door. He took a few steps out, let out a holler, then spluttered, and ran back in the house. Everyone was rolling with laughter as my son ran to the kitchen sink to rinse his mouth and spit sand and then announced, “Sand HURTS!”

Evidence-based learning in action!

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