World's coolest walking cane

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Holy shit.


I would be more impressed if it was a real, live snake, held in place by pure mojo, like the cane I carry.


does it have a sword inside. if it don’t have a sword inside it can’t be the coolest. All cool things have a sword inside.

Since I’m not in the U.S I could actually make a Donald Trump joke here but I won’t because of the horror well meaning people would express.

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Is that able to drain life force like in times arrow? if not not the coolest.

“Get off my lawn, you kids! …What? Oh, thank you. An artist in Kentucky. Why yes, I think I have his card here somewhere.”

The perfect retirement gift for Cobra Commander.


Ok looks cool but having had to walk with a cane in the past due to knee injury, not sure why it’s “the best”

Dude sure loves that pair of denim.

Amazing level of craft and patience. I’m a professional craftsman but he lost me at the scales. There’s no way I could go there. Says in the Youtube comments he would charge $1200 for it. Either he’s amazingly fast, or he works cheap and doesn’t care since he gets to do what he loves where he wants to live.


Wouldn’t some part of of your brain think you were about to grip an actual live snake? The meat between my thumb and forefinger tingles at the idea and not in a good way. Cool, but display it behind glass.

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The background noise where he’s working is a heck of a lot better than where I craft…

A lot of skill has gone into it but the end result is pretty chintzy in a uniquely American way. It puts me in mind of those cowboy hats you see in tourist stops, with stuffed rattler heads attached to the band.

The scales are what prompted my comment above. I was watching it, grooving along to the whole cool-thing-done-well vibe that dominates indie media these days–and then he starts with the little burner doing those scales.

I thought back to the preview screencap–wasn’t it scaled the whole way down? It was, but not like this, right? It’s probably a paint-wash he d–NO OH MY GOD HE’S BURNING IN ALL THE SCALES.

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