World's finest soundtrack reissue labels merge (and 2001's lost score!)


It’s a really nice composition. I wonder if the scenes they showed along with the score were how it would have been released? If so, I’d have to say that Kubrick did the right thing. The music seems to be doing to much “explaining” and completely detracts from the thoughtful silence of the original.

Perhaps they just grafted the sound track onto the original film opening and this isn’t how it really would have been.

Kubrick made the right choice.

And vinyl? please…

I love vinyl, but colored vinyl is a gimmick, especially funky multi-colored vinyl: it typically has a lot more surface noise than black vinyl (clear/transparent vinyl is the one exception to this.) The worst is when labels will make colored vinyl, and put it in clear outer sleeves, since the properties of some clear sleeves causes a chemical reaction in the vinyl, and it gets cloudy and creates even more surface noise (again-- clear vinyl seems to avoid this problem.)

It costs more to make, retailers can charge more, and yet it has inferior sound quality.

Kubrick definitely made the right choice.

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