World's largest Rubik's Cube you can solve by hand

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Check your altimeter, please.


Huh, that could actually be pretty fun for a VR game. Gotta solve the rubik’s cube to unlock the pulls for your chute. Expensive setup though, you’d probably need one of those indoor skydiving places.


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I loved that video!

Like the actual project was cool and all, but what I really loved was the sense of relief from all these students that they were finally going to be rid of this fucking albatross that landed on them from the previous year and Professor Perkins can finally get back to real work.

Also, my favourite line:

Either red or yellow. Actually, no! It really matters…

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Across the street from my college! Good times…

But you know it’s not a Rubik’s, right? Just a big-ass toy.

I am the make of “technically” the largest. However it is NOT technically the largest, it IS the largest and ratified by Guinness. It is also solvable by hand!!! Videos of it are easy to find.

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No one is disputing your size claim. It’s just that the cube here can be manipulated around a fixed point which is an impressive feat of engineering. Even more so because the project was handed off between two teams of undergrads.

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You went to school at Starbucks?!

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Can it be solved with pry-bar? If not then I’m not interested.

I like yours.You look like you’re the Incredible Shrinking Man making one last desperate attempt to solve that damn cube before it’s too late (not that I suspect you personally find the cube a challenge anymore).

( for those that don’t feel like searching)

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No, there was a college there back in the 20th century.

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"UK chemists agreed to adopt the US spelling of sulfur about 30 years ago in return for the US adding the second i in aluminium. It was ratified by IUPAC and everything."

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