World's most dangerous bird spotted swimming at public beach (video)

Surely Ostrich (Ostriches? Ostrichopodes?) are more dangerous? I expect their body-count is much higher


Possibly, since Ostriches are farmed in large numbers and people spend much more time in proximity to them, but that’s kinda like saying that dogs kill more people than grizzlies. Factually true, but I’d still rather find myself in the company of a strange dog than a grizzly bear.


Then l must propose a test. I’ll start a chain of cassowary farms. In ten years let’s compare data.


By body count I expect chickens to come highest, but they rack up some of their victims post mortem.


Just make sure you stay out of the enclosure

… this season of “Yellowstone” is getting weird :thinking:

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I saw a cassowary at a wildlife park in Australia. There was just a simple wire fence, and we were only a couple of meters apart, and I can tell you they’re fucking terrifying, even when they’re just stood there looking at you. 100% definitely like looking a velociraptor in the eye.

Can’t fool me, that’s clearly an elephant’s trunk!
(My favourite explanation for that photograph, and it could almost be true. There was a circus with two elephants, in Scotland at around the right time, but there’s no evidence they ever went to Loch Ness. Also that photo was almost certainly faked. It does look a lot like an elephant swimming though)

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Of course they are all missing the fact it was out doing a spot of hunting … great whites and crocs

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