World's tallest teenager gets engaged


I sincerely doubt that she’s the world’s tallest teenager at a mere 6’8". She may be the world’s tallest female teenager, which is by no means the same thing.


Long teenager is long.

At first I thought it was a photoshop, a bad photoshop.


C’mon, nobody’s going to touch that “lots of fruits I’ve never seen before” line? The internet must be broken today.


He’s got 69 problems.


My cousin is 6’ 3" at 18. Surprise, surprise, she plays basketball for college.

My nephew at 16 is 6’3". Surprise, surprise, he builds Warhammer 40K models.


Yeah, she doesn’t seem to be proportioned like most tall people, she seems to have been stretched out in photoshop.

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It looks like everything might line up ok…

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Looking at how disproportionately long her arms and legs are, and adding in the size of her hands, perhaps Marfan syndrome is a possibility.

Ms de Cruz Silva has a rare form of gigantism caused by a tumour on her pituitary gland. Doctors have since removed the tumour.

Ah, I see.

haha good one, and here i was actually looking at the actual fruit, no wonder…

All of which was very common stuff, pinapple, mango, banana…none of it was at all unusual. The only thing i could figure was he was referring was the Chayote, which is a squash not a fruit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you listen to the video you’d pick up on two interesting facts.

  1. they started dating 3 years ago when she was 15 and he was 20.
  2. she has been trying to get pregnant for over a year, but they just now got engaged.

The mom in the video acts like they shouldn’t get married, i’d think at this point she’d be relieved that they are. Besides, it could have just been my impression, but the do seem happy and in love, and have been living together for just over a year.

Omg she’s like Taun We and Rena Owen swirled together.


If she’s 6’8", he seems taller than 5’4". I’m five-four and I have dated people up to like 6 foot 3. The logistics of kissing are difficult.

I need to show this to every woman on a dating site who won’t date dudes under 5 '11.


Yeah, there was a guy at my school who was 7’2" when we were teenagers. I suspect there are many more now.

I’m 6’8" and am married to someone who is 4’11" for some 20 years now. The logistics aren’t impossible. :blush:

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Nasty accident with a woodchipper back then?