Would you drive up Japan's Rollercoaster Bridge?

Seems like it’s pretty much the only way over the water for quite a distance, but to be fair, these alarming picture heavily rely on an optical illusion. (Some videos of it are almost hilarious, as the cars look like they’re going up a practically vertical wall.) At its worst, it’s a 6% grade road, which really isn’t that bad - basically it’s a freeway ramp (which can be up to 8%), and it doesn’t even begin to compare to San Francisco’s 30 and 40 percent grade streets. (Terror is being in an old, under-powered, over-loaded car trying to navigate San Francisco…)

If you see the bridge from more of a side angle, it’s still notable, but not obviously extreme.



Same. There are a couple “scary AF bridge” dreams my head’s sub-basement likes to throw at me. Both go up, up, up, up, but one also has a bonus dreadful curve. Neither one is any fun to descend, either, esp when it’s one of those “no one is in the driver’s seat, and I’m in the back” dreams.

That fucker scared hell outta me. I was so glad I wasn’t driving.

Coming home to Detroit from Lansing, I was faced with a bridge/ramp from I think I-96 to I-94 w/a downward pitch that was insane. I was far from speeding to start with, but I had to ride my fucking brakes the whole way down. Damn near gave me a panic attack.


The Coronado Bridge is almost as steep and quite a bit higher. At the highest point is 200 feet above the water.
The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is a little less steep than that, and about the same height off the water.


I think of that final scene every time I drive on Lake Shore Drive. :smiley: Lower Whacker has been widened since those days, but I did get to drive on it a few times when it still looked a lot like that!


BTDT - I can’t even reach the steering wheel much less the brake pedal and this bridge is actually just rebar shit shit shit shit…


me: /suddenly awoken with a start, boiling around in bed
“Oh, yeah, thanks for that horrid bridge nightmare yet again, brain! Don’t you know that sleep is supposed to be restorative and relaxing?!

my brain:
Moriarty 4



I remember that bridge well, though I guess I was one of the unbothered people.


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