Wrongful death lawsuit against Kyle Rittenhouse can proceed, rules judge

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Family of hero with skateboard who died trying to stop a spree killer sues said spree killer.


It’s true, murder is a pretty wrongful sort of death. The wrongfulest, I’d say.


I hope that little shitweasel has every penny he’s ever made off murdering people taken away from him and redistributed among the surviving victim and the survivors of those he killed. In perpetuity.


Sue the ever-lovin’ piss out of him. And maybe there are a couple people in the victims’ families that need kidneys, too.

I know it’s hopeful thinking but this could be the case that establishes that, like your car, you need insurance to own/hold/use a working/loaded firearm. Once the insurance companies are on the hook for payouts, the equation will change quickly. Furthermore—

Whoa! Did you see that?? A pig just flew past my window!!


I’d thought he’d walked away scot free.
Glad to hear there’s still a possibility of some sort of book being thrown at him.


Criminal Law and Civil Law (i.e. litigation) are two very different arenas. While a jury in a criminal trial has to be sure beyond a reasonable doubt, a civil jury just needs a preponderence of evidence (meaning more likely than not).


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Yep. OJ Simpson was acquitted of murdering Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown, but a different jury found him liable for their deaths in a subsequent wrongful death lawsuit. Goldman’s family hasn’t collected much of that judgment, but it has prevented Simpson from profiting from what he did. Is it justice? Hell no. It’s better than nothing, I suppose, but it’s not a lot.


He tried hiding at his sister’s place to avoid being served:

ETA: Hopefully he gets successfully sued, so any money he grifts off his supporters goes to the families of the people he killed.


The process servers were just trying to get a story out of it. They could have served him by mail or leaving the Summons with an adult residing at the same place. But personal service is always the most acceptable.

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I don’t exactly want to endorse the existing system of criminal punishment, especially for children, but there’s no amount of civil damages that can make up for the injustice of this person being declared “not guilty”.

Even if he is under a mountain of debt for the rest of his life, and suffers greatly, it’ll be the same suffering other people get for downloading movies or being born in a trailer park. He can blame outside forces and even get sympathy for it (assuming he hangs out with assholes). He’ll never have to confront that he chose to commit murder and is, you know, damned.


On the upside, it drastically curtails his ongoing ability to monetize his infamy. Knowing whatever he earns as a guest for a right wing talk show, as part of a political rally, or for firearms advertising goes straight into the accounts of his victims is a great disincentive.


But maybe not if you’re serving Kyle Rittenhouse. :man_shrugging:

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Mostly because process servers don’t like seeing crybabies


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