WSJ: Ken Jennings' nasty Tweets cost him the Jeopardy job

They just need to find someone who has not been a douchebag in public. Contrary to what conservatives would have one believe, this is most people. It just isn’t that hard to not shitpost all over the Internet, yet these white dudes just can’t help themselves somehow. If shows like Jeopardy would broaden their funnel the tiniest bit beyond privileged white dudes they would find lots of great candidates without terrible beliefs.


trolling :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s only a game for the contestants. For the viewer, it’s cheap quiz night.

I like levar and actually the football dude had perfect annunciation but he creeped on the guests/no social skills.

I would not characterize her remarks as the BB post does, no. That said, I would prefer she not get the job due to her long and troubling history with promoting fringe anti-science beliefs. I suppose that doesn’t disqualify a person to host a trivia game show, but I wish it did.



Levar is great, but he didn’t seem super comfy. Honestly, none of them were Alex, which is the pedestal we’re holding them to. It’s like when the Daily Show changed…everyone slammed Trevor for not being Jon.

Considering they actually only interviewed 2 people, who were, amazingly, the two selected, says that there’s a lot more crazy behind the scenes than anyone knew.


I didn’t get the sense her anti-vax views were from some anti-science QAnon Trilateral Commission kind of conspiracy, but born more from being in a minority community (Orthodox Judiasm) that there’s a reaction to outside mandates and an argument for bodily autonomy.


Thanks. And to @VeronicaConnor and @Surprise_Puma for the responses.
I wasn’t aware of her anti-vaxx stance (and this from a neurologist!) but I had seen the article that was accused of “victim blaming,” and needed a reality check. I get the sense that maybe some of the blowback was reaction to her overall views and not that one essay. Or not, whatever.
Oh, and I just remembered Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon, so clearly that doesn’t bestow some level of rational thought. Blah.




The only problem I have with this is that Burton has been nothing but gracious about not even being considered for the job. He said he was thrilled that he was given the opportunity to host. Admittedly, that low key response is an indications that there probably aren’t any offensive social media posts out there.


So, you prefer ‘Wheel of Fortune’, maybe?

Although, TBH, one of the former contestants [Jennings?] said that proper timing on the controller is everything, so Jeopardy! is less of a trivia contest than it seems.
Still, it’s one of the very few TV shows I make a point of watching.


How about getting a former Jeopardy! champion, IBM Watson, to host?

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wait, wait… annunciation? I think you mean pronounciation. He wasn’t exactly delivering “the announcement of the Incarnation by the angel Gabriel to Mary (Luke 1:26–38)”, or did I miss something?

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One of the producers of Family Feud said that being the host of that show was like driving an 18-wheeler…while also hosting a game show. Note this was someone who hadn’t actually hosted but understood that it’s not an easy job. And I think the analogy applies to other game shows as well. Even Trebek himself must have needed time to settle in.

La Forge could do anything in a couple of hours but I’d be willing to give LeVar Burton at least a season to really get used to being in the chair.


Deep cut.

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As an actual Jeopardy champion, can confirm: everyone knows the answer most of the time, first one to buzz in gets all the glory.

Also: 2 simple steps to become a game show host

  1. Get off social media.
  2. Stay off social media.

It’s literally nothing but a game of chicken with your reputation.


Bialik isn’t a white dude though.

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A fellow Canadian suggested that Rick Mercer (collective American response: “Who?!?”) would be a good choice. I hadn’t thought about that before, but can’t disagree. He would be good!

But that’s just an interesting-but-not-serious “what if…?” exercise, and agree that Levar Burton would be an excellent spiritual successor to Alex Trebek in the hosting role. It’s no wonder he’s an overwhelmingly popular choice.


I want Levar as host, and don’t think Jennings should get it, but I did like his response, late in his run, when Alex had run out of anecdotes on Jennings, he said "“Tell us some deep, dark secret about yourself,”
and Jennings responded, “You know, I killed a man down South once.” Not endorsing anything about the man or murder in general, but that struck me as funny.

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nope, but thx for clarifying. for the jeo-host, it’s all about the delivery baby. they are proclaiming that here is the answer. the football dude would trumpet those answers with gumption. helps grab the attention.